New Weight Loss Gadget Perfect 5 Bite Diet Plan

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Over the years, man has always sort to achieve new ways of making himself comfortable despite all odds, this has made us push the limits of technology to new grounds. Every aspects of our life has been affected in one way or the other. Dieters are not left out as a new device to compliment your weight loss plan has been developed. This device referred to as the Mandometer can be seen as the watchman, watching over your eating habits, telling you when to stop eating in line with your weight loss program.

The positive impact the Mandometer would have on our lives would be appreciated when we have a look at statistics. In the United States alone, it has been observed that over a million females and nearly a hundred thousand makes are struggling with eating disorders of different natures.  Several traditional eating disorder clinics have tried to help such patients, this has yielded no positive results as their programs are based on flawed assumptions. In some of these clinics, it is believed that eating disorders is to be treated with physiotherapy and drugs, but the real cause of eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia is actually a distorted eating behaviour.

The Mandometer was developed by a Swedish based company, offering a radical and different approach in solving the problems of eating disorders. This approach is based on dealing with the nutritional aspect of the problem based on appetite and hunger.

This interactive companion instructs you to place your food on the scale, it tells you how much you should eat per time and the rate at which you should eat. Assuming you are eating too fast, it says, “Please eat a little slower.” It has a bite counter that counts each bite during the course of your meal and you can read the output on a wrist watch.

This revolutionary product was developed by Eric Muth, a Psychologist. He developed this as a result of his own struggle with eating disorders. When you eat more than the pre-programmed number of bites, it sounds an alarm. In the words of the developer, “We showed that if we tracked bites, you could indeed slow a person’s eating — and that did reduce intake,” surely, from eating smaller portions of meals and few bites as basic strategies that can be incorporated into a weight loss program.

According to nutritionist Nicollette Pace, she says, “It definitely can be of some value but it still does not help you decide what food choices to make or when to eat. Those two things are extremely important,” For some others, it has helped them lose about 30 pounds in just 3 months. Generally, it changes how you relate with food in the whole sense.