Om/one Levitating Bluetooth Speaker is Now Available at a Pre-order Discount

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Om/One Levitating

It doesn’t take one to be a soothsayer or a psychic to foretell that we are heading towards some fascinating technological advancements. All kinds of freaky gadgets are poised to roll out in the market over the next few months. The Om/One levitating Bluetooth speaker is certainly one among them to look out for.

Do you recollect the levitating ‘unobtanium’ in Avatar? Levitating objects have always been a fancy that science fiction enthusiasts have held onto quite dearly. Now, all is not just within the realms of fiction. Some are about to be reality. Om/One speaker is a one of a kind levitating orb that takes portable speakers to a different league.

The Om/One Levitating Speaker has integrated Bluetooth 4.0, it works on electromagnetism to levitate and there is a 75 mm driver along with a 3 watt amplifier. The small, sleek orb that looks new age and is super cool can deliver an audio output of about 105 dB. There are no wires, no pesky protrusions and everything is self contained. The speaker can run for as long as fifteen hours at a stretch after being completely charged. The orb is lightweight and has no lag in its Bluetooth connectivity. And the fact that it is available with a 9% discount in pre-order makes it all the more exciting. The orb levitating is a cool sight. It is highly portable and it can output impressive surround sound paving the way for an enticing ambience.

There are many reasons why you would or should want the Om/One Levitating Speaker, from the coolness of the orb’s design to how unique it is going to be no matter where you play your favorite songs. But there are some shortcomings as well. The price is certainly not on the affordable end of the spectrum. Very few people would be willing to shell out in excess of a hundred and fifty bucks for a floating orb that can play sound. The theory behind the levitating orb is also sound. Being in air allows the speaker to offer better amplification, despite its small size and miniaturist design. But the price is the biggest bummer. Also, many might want to see it perform in the real world before shelling out big bucks.

Competition from more established brands that have now started culling its prices would also be a significant challenge for the Om/One orb.