Icampro: the World’s First Domestic Intruder Tracker!

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Security surveillance has evolved in the last two decades. From closed circuit television system or CCTV to unmanned drone surveillance, from satellite surveillance to military grade motion trackers, the world of surveillance has become more complex and certainly more advanced. But most of those gifts of surveillance pertain to the military or national security. For the general public, it is still those fixed cameras with simple recording features and multiple camera security system. With growing threats and smarter thieves and trespassers or saboteurs, there is a need to have advanced security and surveillance systems in homes and commercial properties.


That need can be addressed by the iCamPro. The iCamPro is being pegged as the world’s first domestic robot that can track intruders. It was the winner of the 2015 CES Best of Innovation which it bagged particularly because the cam can track motion even in darkness. So, is the iCamPro the perfect security system in a home or office?

The iCamPro essentially tracks any audio or motion within a premise, obviously within the ambit of visual and audio range, and it immediately notifies the owner or security personnel of the motion or audio change in a room or space. The cam is capable of tracking motion or audio in a 360 degree range and it can keep tracking the motion or audio until the time there is no motion or audio to be tracked or recorded. In other words, if there is a break-in then the intruder would be tracked as long as there is some noise or any movement by the intruder. There would be no blind spot and there would be an immediate notification sent over in real time for urgent action or response.

The iCamPro is small, sleekly designed, light and can be installed almost anywhere. It is capable of tracking motion in dimly lit settings as well. Other than the visual appeal and the specs inside, the operation of the camera or the robot has also been hailed by some experts who have watched the demos.

There are some areas of concern with the iCamPro. For instance, it doesn’t address the issue of multiple intruders as it would track one audio or motion at a time and would not account for any other movement or noise until the first one ceases to exist. This is clearly a major shortcoming. There are some other challenges such as a noisy motor that need addressing.