Cicret Smart Bracelet: Project a Touch Screen Onto Your Arm

Cicret Smart Bracelet: Project a Touch Screen Onto Your Arm

If you wish there was an easier way to use your smartphone, the Cicret Smart Bracelet may be the perfect choice for you. This small, lightweight bracelet uses technology to project a touch screen onto your own arm so that you can access all the features of your phone without even taking it out of your pocket.

The Cicret Smart Bracelet throws a mobile screen onto your arm and has an array of sensors to pick up on how your fingers interact with the screen to control your phone’s applications. There are eight sensors in total that note the proximity of your finger to the images on your arm.

How Cicret Works

The Cicret Smart Bracelet is small and lightweight but it works with its own processor and storage features including a USB port. You can plug in a thumb drive and work from the add-on just as you would your own phone or tablet. It also has a vibration sensor so that it doesn’t overreact to every movement of your arm. Cicret Smart Bracelet also offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. This makes it even easier for you to use and allows you to connect to the internet right from your own arm.

circret phone menu
Cicret call menu

Advantages of the Cicret Smart Bracelet

Why use something like the Smart Bracelet? For one thing, you don’t need to search for your phone when you need to check a message or access the internet. You also don’t need to risk your phone if you need to use it, such as when in the bathtub or at a restaurant or party. Instead, you can easily access every feature your phone offers without even taking it out of your pocket, keeping it safe and out of harm’s way.

The Cicret Smart Bracelet might also make it safer to use your phone. While you should never text or talk on your phone when driving, it does make it more convenient and less distracting if you need to take an emergency call when behind the wheel or anyplace else. You can just quickly touch your own arm and not need to fumble for your phone.

[Update November 28, 2014]

The Indiegogo campaign for the Cicret Smart Bracelet was paused a few days ago. The campaign has now been removed from the crowdfunding site. The authors say that the company is working on modifying a few things and promise to be back soon. The final product should be available for around $600 with no set release date.