Onyx, the Star Trek-like Communicator

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We all love Star Trek and watched at least an episode, but how many times did we try to mimic the teleportation and innovative communication methods that we found there. Thanks to Onyx, it seems that we can live out that dream right now.

Onyx is a very interesting communicator that can be worn on your shirt which helps you to perform a simple or group chat with the press of a button. The device even has a clothing worn communicator tool that makes it easy for you to talk with up to 15 people at a time if you want that. There is a catch though, in the fact that you will need to use your mobile phone as the base t all times.

When you think about it, being able to communicate with others through a simple badge is just stunning, but the reality is that Onyx does have a few problems, and the major one is the design. Onyx isn’t a lightweight device as you would expect from a communicator, instead it’s a very large tool, especially if you take into account the fact that you need to wear it on your chest. It has the design of a flying saucer, which does make it quite appealing, but the fact that it isn’t discrete might be an annoying thing for some users.

We think that connecting it to the smartphone is a great move, because this way the device is much easier to use and reliable as well, which makes it a great utility in the end. And while there might not be a lot of people that want to wear a large speakerphone on their chest, nostalgia is definitely a major factor in Onyx, because when you see it you will immediately think of Star Trek and those neat communicators.

Yes, it might not be large by any stretch of the imagination, but it does its job perfectly and without a problem. If you want a reliable tool to communicate with others freely and you’re not disturbed by the large size, Onyx is the perfect solution for this.

Onyx is available for pre-order right now and you can get it for $99. The first set of pre-orders will ship in December 2014.