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When it comes to being a social person, you always need to look your best and have the latest gadgets. The society nowadays basically rewards people that do invest in the way they look and which basically do something others can see, so getting the latest gadgets might be a very good idea.

However, not all gadgets can be impressive or rewarding, so sometimes you might want to go with something a little more unusual, something that definitely stands out of the crowd. This is exactly what CHEMION does. This is basically a pair of technological eyeglasses that you can use to present your feelings or the way you think with the help of hi-tech. Be it text, animation or images, this one of a kind eyeglasses are certainly the best ones you might want to use if you want to stand out.

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The interesting thing here is that you actually have the opportunity to express yourself into a one of a kind way that’s certainly unique. CHEMION can basically be used anywhere, because they are quite durable, so no matter if you are indoor or you want to use them outdoors, they will fit perfectly with your endeavors. No matter if you go in a club, on a stadium or just at home with your friends.

CHEMION syncs with your phone and you can immediately change the text, images or animations that the device displays, so it’s very easy to use and feasible as well.

Moreover, CHEMION can also be used as an equalizer on your eyes as you listen to your favorite music. It’s really nice and unique, as it definitely stands out in regards to any other gadget you can find on the market.

However, what makes CHEMION really special is that it can literally draw attention to you, which is a great thing for people without too much social interaction. It also works great for those that do like to interact with other people as well, since it brings in front the ease of use and interesting items that you always wanted from such a device.

CHEMION is created for people that have a lot of imagination and which aren’t afraid to show how they feel, no matter what they are. The device is also created for those that love technology a lot and which want to share the way they think with others. This is definitely one of the best presents that a technology buff can receive! On top of that, CHEMION also brings some faith back in people who have the lalopathy condition.

The device can now be purchased on IndieGoGo as the developers are running a crowdfunding campaign. If you want to get one during this campaign, you will have to pay somewhere around 100$ for a single device, and if you pay more then the cost per device would be even lower. You can find out more information about the CHEMION or support the crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo!