Bixi – Your Ultra-portable Companion

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Bixi is the ultimate gadget that you need to control your smart phone, or any other device, with the gestures of your hand. It is the first gadget that is an ultra-portable companion for you to handle your device and making your life easier.

Bixi can not only command your device, but it can also control other smartphone apps, for instance, YouTube, Spotify, iBooks, and etc. It allows you to interact with the smart devices without actually touching it. Plus, it does not suspend the current activity being performed on the smart device.

Touch-Free Control for Devices:

Bixi welcomes you to the future as it transforms your experience from the push-buttons to no-buttons at all. Doesn’t it bother you when you are occupied in some activity and can’t hold or control your smart device? Fortunately, Bixi can sense your in-air hand gestures and execute the commands that you wish to perform on your smart device. So the next time you are occupied in the kitchen with dough or any other activity where you can’t touch your device. It actually tracks your natural and instinctive gestures.

It turns your gesture into a meaningful action, which is sent to the device and thus, it controls it wirelessly. Just wave your hand over the gadget to scroll up or down, respectively. You can control two of your devices and apps at the same time with the use of Bixi. Furthermore, you can easily switch between applications without touching the device. It keeps track of your gestures and controls your smart objects accordingly. It basically works via Bluetooth Low Energy protocol and lets you control your smart device with the use of the Bixi App. Bixi connects to the smart devices through Wi-Fi or any other protocols.

You can perform a lot of activities using Bixi, for instance, you can snooze your alarm without touching your phone, control your GoPro camera when you are on the road, and so much more. In addition to that, you can also automate your home using Bixi and perform a number of other tasks as well, using this gadget, for instance, control music when you are in the shower, control lights, smartphone call control when you are driving, and much more. The devices that are compatible with Bixi include Apple TV, PowerPoint, Lifx, Philips Hue, Sony TV, Kindle, and many other devices and brands.