Belt Scooter: Just a Wearable Gadget or Viable Transportation Tool?

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Belt Scooter is the modern day version of the foldable scooter. If you have ever seen an A4 foldable scooter then you would instantly know what we are talking about. The only difference is that the design has been revamped and the Belt Scooter certainly looks cooler, more fashionable and one can only hope that it would be more efficient.

Transportation is one of the necessities of modern lifestyles. Despite remote connectivity or telecommuting becoming more common, one cannot avoid traveling. Driving a car would only get costlier as fuel becomes more expensive. Using public transportation system can be quite taxing and is limiting in many ways, although it would always remain cheaper than private transportation options. The fuel costs may have gone down in a few months but that is only because of low demand and high supply. Once the demand and supply gap becomes strenuous again, the prices would shoot up. In such situations, a Belt Scooter can be quite a handy tool.


A Belt Scooter is a foldable scooter which can be worn around your waist. You can fold it out or expand it and you can power your transportation using your legs. It is a great idea but it possibly fits best as a diploma project with very little to offer to the grownups. Surely, one doesn’t see using a scooter to work in downtown areas. One also doesn’t see someone riding a scooter for dozens of miles from a suburban home to another part of the district or town.

The design of the Belt Scooter by Adam Torok, what he is calling the Collapsible Wearable Scooter, may be impressive but it certainly lacks practical purpose. It may be a great tool to have some fun with, college goers may find some utility and the kids in the neighborhoods across the country may also have some interesting stunts to do with it but other than that, the scooter doesn’t have much significance. It is being pegged as an alternative to common options for transportation. Well, that is never going to stand the test of trial. The Belt Scooter also seems to be extremely slim, unviable for someone heavy or older to keep riding it for several minutes.

However, there can always be modifications or upgrades that do away with the problems and make it a worthwhile ride.