Ibox Nano, the World’s Smallest 3d Printer

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We’ve all heard about 3D printing by now, and one of the things we know for sure is that such a printer is very expensive and hard to use. And since most 3D printers nowadays are just very large, noisy and overly complicated, the iBox Nano device comes into play in order to allow people with complete access to a reliable and affordable 3D printing,

At first, the device seems to be a very complicated machine, yet the way it functions is simple. The iBox Nano printer is build specifically for the home user that does want such a functionality in its home yet he doesn’t want to spend thousands of dollars in order to acquire a professional printer.

Instead, with the 3D resin printer named iBox Nano you can get the same functionality. We were impressed with the fact that the device brings some very interesting, high resolution prints just by pressing a button. Also, removing the necessity to install a software speeds up the printing process.

iBox Nano is a very interesting machinery, and the ability to provide 3D modeling and editing in such a small package is very impressive. The device is filled with interesting technologies and it has Wi-Fi enabled so you can easily print untethered if you want, without any restrictions. Since this is still in Kickstarter phase, not all details have been ironed out, but it seems that the battery powered option will be an optional purchase, and not one that you will be able to make for now.

The iBox Nano comes with a neat set of achievements, as it’s the smallest and most affordable resin printer, it’s also the quietest out of the whole bunch and it’s also the lightest. The main reason why the developers went with resin as the source material is that it has outstanding properties, can be molded into anything without too much issue and it hosts numerous other advantages when you compare it with filament depositing modeling for example. Unlike the aforementioned product, this one is completely silent and offers a low odor, which makes it great for home use.

This small printer might be the beginning for a new, extraordinary set of inventions in this field of work. iBox Nano is a great start for home printing and it’s available right now on Kickstarter. If you want to find out more information or back the project, you can check out the link below.