Four Wheel Drive Dominator 3200 Pro X Electric Skate Board

[UPDATED: 2021-03-21]

Electric skateboards

Dominater 8000 Pro++ with 4 x 2000watt motors and 36 volt 30ah lithium – EpicSkateboards

are a great form of transportation because they are portable and easy to carry with you when you are not riding on it. You can easily jump on a bus and shove your skateboard under the seat and not have to hassle with it too much. Of course, they are also an efficient means of transport in urban settings. They are easy to ride than traditional skateboards and not as bulky as a scooter.
The Dominator 3200 Pro has taken electric skateboards up to the next level. It is the most powerful skateboard this Australian company has ever produced and the four-wheel wonder absolutely shows signs of being a powerhouse that can meet quite a few needs.

Dominater 3200 Pro X Specs

  • Motor: 4 x 800 watt brushed motors
  • Battery:  72 volt 30ah Lithium battery.
  • Tire: Off-road tire 3.00-4.
  • Max speed: 72km/h.
  • Working Time per charge: up to 6 hours.
  • Distance per charge: up to 80km.
  • Loading capacity: 130kg
  • Weight: 34.7kg
  • Charging time: 6-12 hours.

The Power
There are plenty of nicely powered electric skateboards on the market but none quite as powerful as the Dominator 3200. It has an 800 Watt motor attached to each of the wheels which gives it a burst of power. You can get a top speed of 26 MPH which is pretty quick.
This is a powerful skateboard that can carry you anywhere you want to go to town. Fast is good but the pleasure of this power is that you have more stability on all-terrain surfaces. The power is evenly distributed so that you can ride on sidewalks, roadways, and other terrains comfortably.
The battery sits under the deck and can be charged by plugging right into the electric outlet at home. A full charge will give you 1.5 to 3 hours of riding time or the ability to travel 12-25 miles.

The Drawbacks

You cannot reverse which can be a hassle. The weight of the deck and motors combined is about 78 pounds which can make sharp turns difficult and of course since there is no reverse feature you may have to jump off and readjust which can be hard since it is so heavy.
It offers many of the features that the serious rider would want but there are some sacrifices that you have to put up with to get all that power like the inability to make sharp turns.


This is a great electric skateboard that is best for city travel or out on a trail. It is heavy which can make it inconvenient at times but it is a decent skateboard for the money and could work out in the right conditions.

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