Zap Box – Magical Mixed Realty

Zap Box – Magical Mixed Realty


ZapBox happens to be an interesting and affordable way to experience both Room-Scale Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality. Taking your gaming experience to whole new level, ZapBox combines the physical components with advanced software to offer you with an amazingly magical Mixed Reality experiences.

All you need to do is insert your smartphone into the ZapBox headset start the ZapBox app and venture into this whole new and innovative world of interactive content!

The live feed from your smart phone is displayed by the ZapBox app so you can clearly see what is present around you in the room. An incredible fact, it also displays virtual objects that happen to be anchored to the real world so you can easily change your viewpoint by moving around simply. This concept of merging the virtual objects and real world, is called Mixed Reality

ZapBox works out the 3D position and orientation of the pair of handheld controllers which are included as well offering natural interactive experience by simply reaching out and touching it!

For just an amount of $30 (which include shipping) ZapBox unleashes this whole new world by making it affordable, accessible and enjoyable. How cool is that?

The ZapBox features:

Cardboard Headset:

The equation is simple with ZapBox. More Cardboard= More Awesomeness. Inspired by Google Cardboard, you can place your smartphone into with a head strap so that you can easily use your hands to interact.