Vufine+ – Changing Ways of Display

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Vufine happens to be a high-definition wearable device which has revolutionized the screen experience by integrating with the technology which we use in our daily life.

Vufine surfaced a year ago via Kickstarter making it the very first affordable and wearable display device. Owing to the backers, the campaign was a hit and Vufine was delivered to 1400 backers. To help users take complete advantage of their devices hands-free and at a feasible price.

Vufine+ is a step further in wearable display. Vufine+ features a larger and more versatile display with a completely improved docking station. Able to connect to major smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras and even drones , Vufine+ acts as a second monitor or screen for the user. We ensured that the user gets the largest display no matter what device they are using.

This connection of getting a mirrored display right in front of your eyes is achieved through the micro-to-full HDMI cable which is included and depends on the suitable HDMI adapter and the device that you are using.

Vufine+ offers the users with 3 different display modes which enable them to optimize their display regardless of their device. All new modes offer some really impressive display to the users enhancing their screen experience:

  • Zoom Mode: The new Zoom mode has increased the portrait display size by 77%.
  • Fit Mode: Another feature, the new Fit mode has enhanced the landscape by 33%.
  • Standard Mode: The standard mode has been designed specifically for an unaltered 16:9 viewing.

To offer more convenience to our customers we have completely re-designed and redefined the docking station. A larger display loses its spark if it cannot be positioned at a comfortable angle.  The new docking station of Vufine+ uses a pivoting arm and ball join to enable users to an entirely new way to adjust this innovative wearable display device so that they can have the most comfortable viewing experience and angle.

We have retained the shape of Vufine and thus enabled Vufine+ to be compatible with all of the current Vufine accessories so the users get a chance to customize their viewing experience.

Vufine+ package includes both the traditional and new magnetic docking stations with the additional accessories available for purchase. Vufine+ is available in four limited edition colors through Kickstarter. Vufine+ is all about delivering what the customer wants with enhanced viewing experience with their favorite colors!