Roar: Impressive Smart Safety Jewelry

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The desire to remain safe, wherever we happen to be, is most certainly a strong one. Smart technology is empowering people from all walks of life to utilize safety products in a variety of forms. Roar gives you the opportunity to use something that is stylish, simple in appearance, but capable of delivering a powerful safety measure.

More importantly, this is the kind of safety measure that you can take with you anywhere. It is more than capable of keeping you safe, regardless of where your travels in the world may take you.

How Roar Works
Roar is one of the more interesting smart safety products to come down the pike in recent times. Designed primarily for women, one of the first features about Roar that you are going to want to note is the fact that you can wear this device in a variety of ways. Some people will want to wear Roar as a necklace. Others will want to have it secured safely to their waist or their belt. Others still may want to have it discreetly attached to their bag. Available in a variety of colors, Roar does not stand out in the crowd. Even if you wear it as a necklace, no one is going to assume it’s a security device.

As a security device, Roar is lightweight and decidedly compact. It works simply enough. You can utilize the alarm feature, or you can activate Roar in silent mode. Regardless of which you choose, a distress signal with your location will be sent to your loved ones. Your emergency contacts will receive immediate notification of your emergency.

Advantages Of Roar
Featuring two modes, a lightweight design, and discreet visuals, Roar brings a lot to the world of smart safety products. It gives off the impression of simply being jewelry, when it is clearly so much more than that.