Keep a Record of People You Meet with

Keep a Record of People You Meet with

We all love going to parties and meeting new people. Socializing helps you grow. You meet new people, share ideas, and feel the presence of a bond which could benefit you both. As a business owner, when you go to parties and social events you get to meet a lot of people you’d like to share your contact with. But it is not acceptable to hold your phone all this time, typing in their names and contact numbers.

It is better to exchange your business cards with each other as it looks more professional. But when you put them in your purse, they tend to bend. At times, they get lost. When you want to contact someone you met, you can’t because can’t find the card they gave you. is a portable card keeper in which you can keep all the important business cards. The sleek design and elegant colors make it look extremely classy.


The most prominent feature of a card holder is its beautiful design. It is a small box with a hollow cavity covered with a lid. On the rear side of the box, a cavity is present which allows you to scan the cards and keep the data stored in its storage.

The scanner takes only 3 seconds to scan a card and its storage the ability to keep up-to 30 contact details simultaneously. A USB port present on the side helps you connect it your computer or mobile. You can transfer all these contacts from here to the phone.

Once again it is ready to help you grow your PR. You can make as many clients and prospects as you want, and that too in style.


The small design makes it easy for you to carry anywhere around with yourself. You can keep it in your pocket and can pull it out in style when needed.

Color card carriers come in a variety of colors. The material used in its manufacturing is eco-leather. Black, red, yellow, blue, no matter what the colors is, each one of them will more classic than the other. It often comes with a light ring attached at its back. This allows you to hold it easily by pulling the ring around one of your fingers.

This design has won 2015 Reddot award due to immaculate looks and purpose-built nature. Keeping a record of the people, you meet, has been made easy now with