Ctrl One: is It the Coolest Gear for Cyclists and Bikers or What?

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Avid cyclists and bikers know that there are certain accessories which are rather integral to their overall gear. A pair of sunglasses or eyewear is imperative when you hop on that cycle or bike. But traditional sunglasses come with a few shortcomings, most notably the fixed shade of tint that you get. You can wear it when it’s pretty bright outside and when it dims a little, you have to get rid of it. Many bikers and cyclists who would be traveling through the day to night carry two glasses, obviously.

All of that is poised to become history as CTRL rolls out its Tint-on-Demand LCD Glasses.

The piece of eyewear is the smartest piece of innovation in its niche. You get tinted glasses that keeps toggling between two shades, S1 and S3, depending on the level of brightness or the light you are exposed to while riding. On a bright sunny day or when you have substantial light hitting your eyes, the glasses would automatically turn on the S3 tint. When it is dim, you are riding through a tunnel or it is after sunset, the glasses would turn on the S1 tint. This can happen automatically or manually. The former is recommended so you don’t have to take your hands off the bike or cycle. The response time is 0.1 second and the shades of tints can keep toggling if there are fluctuating exposures to light.

The eyewear is designed to endure maximum impact resistance, it offers 100% UV blocking, there are various colors and lens types to choose from and the gear obviously protects your eyes from dust, pollen, flies and everything that will come your way.

Cycling has just got safer, cooler and more convenient!