Pain Management Through Itens

Pain Management Through Itens

Chronic pain leaves persistent and long lasting effects. People experiencing chronic pain have difficulty living with it. A number of techniques are used to treat painful disorders. Chronic pain management is an approach to give ease to a sufferer giving them a better life.

Have you heard of TENS?

TENS or TNS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) is a therapeutic appliance designed to deal with the pain. It’s an alternative to painkilling techniques and medicines. Electric currents are used to excite the sensory nerves stimulating endorphins, the natural pain gate mechanism of the body.

Several TENS devices are designed for this purpose. iTENS is a new version of this family which has introduced wearable technology designed to provide pain relief to its users.

It’s the world’s first FDA approved wireless therapy device and is controlled by android based app or IOS.

Dealing with back pain or a cramp? You don’t need prescriptions anymore! Say good bye to your pain relieving pills. You have got an amazing new technology at hand. Fight pain with iTENS, it’s your new doctor! iTENS prescription is the setting tool if offers to select a wide range of programs.

The app is designed in a way, to ease its users with flexible options and a range of settings to select the programs from, for ideal pain relief of specific areas. You can set or change the mode of a program from manual to a customized one. Amazing! Isn’t it?

Have you used such a pain easing device earlier? The app also permits you to monitor and record the before and after sessions. You can also keep a track of the pain relief therapy and its results. iTENS works with your smart phone using Bluetooth to furnish you with results.

The previous TENS appliances were wired devices with separate wires. iTENS is a classic wireless and flexible device which can be worn anywhere. Watching TV? Riding a cycle? Preparing lunch? You can wear it at your ease.

So, you are free to use this amazing wireless pain relieving device anywhere and at any time. This unit can even hide under your dress yet will be unnoticeable.

The peel n stick gel pads can be replaced and reused for many applications. A onetime charge of the lithium-ion battery can run for 24 hours.

Allow yourself to kill pain with a modern ground-breaking wireless devic