Nixie, the Wearable Drone

Nixie, the Wearable Drone

For a long time now, we have witnessed the expansion of wearable technology and while new and more expansive features are appearing, the reality is that no major improvements have been made. This is why when we heard about Nixie at first we saw it with a little schepticism, mainly because the idea of combining a wearable camera with a drone might be a little too far fetched. However, when you see it closely, you will immediately realize that this is a major technological breakthough which is well worth your attention.

So yes, at its core Nixie is a drone and you can easily fly it wherever you want without any restrictions. However, when you do get tired of flying, and at some point you will, this nice little gadget can be transformed into a one of a kind wearable device.

Of course, there’s not that much information available right now in regards to the other features that Nixie will provide, but this is to be expected, especially if you take into account that the product is in constant development. However, the ability to combine these interesting functions into a single device needs to be commended, and from what we have seen, the device just works seamlessly.

Despite being tiny, Nixie is a very powerful device that’s easy to use and control. The device looks great and it brings a high quality, but it does manage to provide a very interesting functionality as well. Due to its small size, you can control it much easier, which means that with it you can get imagery from numerous places all over the world without even getting there. Nixie brings a lot of potential in our opinion, because with it we can go in places that, until now, were unreachable for the human eye.

No matter if you are going up a mountain and want a quick picture or just want to capture the beauty of the landscape from afar, with Nixie you get this exact opportunity, and that is what we like about it, the fact that you can transform it into whatever you want, without restrictions.  The whole idea to keep Nixie as a watch on your wrist then transforming it with a single gesture is amazing, and while the device is still in the development phases, it just brings so much potential to the table. You can check out Nixie by following the link below.