Microsoft Band Marks the Foray of Windows Maker into the World of Wearable Fitness Tracker

Microsoft Band Marks the Foray of Windows Maker into the World of Wearable Fitness Tracker

Microsoft is not particularly known to be a pioneer. Although its operating system for desktops and laptops is by far the most widely used, it lags behind in the smart phone space and certainly in the race among wearable gadgets. Microsoft Band marks the foray of the Windows maker into wearable fitness tracker. Whether or not it would intrigue fitness enthusiasts is yet to be seen but the launch of the device has certainly surprised everyone.

Microsoft Band is priced at $199. That makes it a tad expensive in comparison with its competition, such as the Jawbone UP3 and Fitbit Charge HR, both of which are cheaper by $20 and $30 respectively. The design of the band looks cool and it is quite comfy. What impresses one is the firm clasp of the band. It can hold onto the wrist quite firmly, unlike some wearable fitness trackers that come with cheap quality locks.

Microsoft Band is not a typical fitness tracker since it combines the features of a smart watch as well. While the band can monitor heart rates and do the nifty tricks that such devices are meant for, additionally it can get calls or texts and can also display social media notifications. In that sense, the extra that you pay is quite well spent.Microsoft Band marks


Microsoft has cleverly made the Band compatible with iOS and Android platforms apart from the Windows devices. There are more iOS and Android phones out there than Windows phones so it is obviously a compulsion for Microsoft but the fact that the company took the step is certainly appreciable.

Microsoft Band tends to offer a better experience for fitness enthusiasts. Hence, it is a little larger and also heavier than most other devices of its kind. The additional weight and size is certainly to be attributed to the more features that one gets. The smaller wearable gadgets certainly don’t pack in as much punch but they certainly cater to their niche requisites.

One unique feature of the Microsoft Band is that it measures heart rates even when one is not exercising. This is a cool addition since heart rates when you are resting are indicative of how healthy your heart and body is. There are many such cool features in the Band that other fitness tracker bands don’t offer. Also, the Band from Microsoft uses as many as ten sensors in comparison to the one or a couple that other fitness trackers use.