With Lymbit, You Shouldn’t Lose Anything Again, Ever

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We lose keys all the time. Well, we actually don’t lose them but forget where they are. Forgetfulness of this nature is extremely common. Almost every man, woman and child in the world forgets where small items and even some large ones were kept the last time after they were handled. The same happens with wallets or purses, pets and even certain gadgets or appliances at home. All such problems of forgetting where the stuffs are can be resolved with Lymbit.

Lymbit is essentially a tracking device. It is a pentagonal sleek device that can be hooked with your smart phone, tablet or computer and you can track any stuff that has the Lymbit attached to it. You can use Lymbit in your key ring or chain. You can use the Lymbit on the dog collar, inside your wallet or install one on the door so you know when the door is opened and closed. You can use Lymbit in numerous ways. Your imagination is the limit.


Lymbit comes with an app that can be paired with as many Lymbit devices as you want. You may have a couple or a dozen of Lymbits and track all your valuable possessions at all times. You will never forget, rather, you would never have to remember where you kept what as long as it has a Lymbit on. You can use the app to know exactly where the stuff is. You get an indicator in the app that tells you how far or close you are from the object. Other than the proximity sensor, there is a map that will offer you a larger view. You would also get prompts to make the right movements so you can get closer to your stuff sooner.

Lymbit also comes with a global network, in which all Lymbit users would be connected. This network would assist in finding lost baggage or lost items which are beyond the physical reach or the immediate reach of the owner. Lymbit users can identify the objects for the owner and can assist in recovering the lost items.

Given the price and provided the technology works as is being claimed or promised, Lymbit should find many takers. There is no dearth of families that would really want not to lose another pair of keys or would rather have their pet’s location tracked than having to run all across the neighborhood in an aimless search.