Monkii Bars

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monkii bars

The Monkii Bars are a portable suspension work out tool that you would never know was a work out tool. They look like two wooden sticks. They weigh less than one pound each and are super easy to transport.

The Monkii Bars are portable suspension work out equipment that you can take anywhere! All you need is a support structure to loop your Monkii Bars around and you can do pull-ups, pushups and other exercises using your body weight.

A Great Work out Tool

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The Monkii Bars are a great option for anyone that wants to get a good work out no matter where they are. They are easy to use and make working out enjoyable. How many times have you had some time to kill and just sat? The Monkii Bars are meant for those times when you could be working out if you had the equipment.

They hold up to 500 pounds so they are safe and great for anyone to use.

How they Work

All you have to do is have a support structure like a doorway, a tree, a telephone pole just about anything that is stable enough to hold your weight. You just loop the Monkii Bars around the structure using the heavy-duty (yet small) clips and start working out.

Each bar contains 18 feet of high-grade climbing rope.

Great Value

The value of this device is in its compact portability that makes keeping up with your workouts easy. The ability to take your work out with you is very valuable when fitness is important to you.

These are low cost, effective work out tools that do not require a separate gym bag to carry. They can easily fit in your back pocket or the pocket or your hoodie. This low tech device is a simplified way of staying fit. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to get a good work out wherever you are. The Monkii Bars are a low-cost high-value tool.

No More Excuses

The Monkii Bars removes any excuses from staying fit. This go-anywhere work out tool means you can work out in the office, at home, in the yard, in the park, your hotel room on vacation, anywhere you are you can work out when you have the Monkii Bars with you. It is a quick easy solution for your on the go lifestyle.