Mastercard Goes Mainstream with Apple Pay Promotions

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Online payments are an easy mode of transaction. Millions of people make online payments for several of their monthly bills and one time purchases. However, mobile payments have not become as popular. There are some reasons owing to which consumers have not lapped up mobile payments as online portals were endorsed in its nascent days. With Apple launching its mobile payment interface, that is expected to change.

Apple and MasterCard have been longstanding partners. With the launch of Apple Pay, MasterCard aims to increase the usage of mobile payments. Since that has not happened till now, MasterCard has now devised a promotional strategy which is as mainstream as one can get. MasterCard has a popular promotional strategy in the form of the Priceless Surprises series. In the same series, the brand has rolled out some ads featuring Apple Pay. To appeal to the large customer base, MasterCard has roped in popular baseball players.

Two such promotional campaigns have been launched already. They feature George Brett, Mariano Rivera and Tommy Lasorda. The players are seen in the advertisements using Apple Pay and the ads show how easy and simple the process is. Interestingly, MasterCard uses its own conventional payment system where customers use their credit or debit cards to make payments at a store and the contrasts are nicely put forth.

Whether or not the advertisements would appeal to the customers or if that would ebb the popularity of mobile payments is yet to be seen but Apple and MasterCard, both would want the promotions to drive home the message. Mobile banking is catching up fast but mobile payments are still not even remotely as common as online payments. There are many customers who are going back to traditional modes of payments due to growing fear of cyber threats. Apple has had a credible history in regards to online security and so has MasterCard. It is unlikely that the two brands would have to bear the brunt of increasing cyber heists and identity thefts which have happened with millions of customers of various companies. However, there is a degree of skepticism as to how quickly the tide would turn in favor of the two giants.

One cannot use a more popular medium than baseball in the US and MasterCard hopes roping in celebrated players and sticking to their Priceless Surprises would make Apple Pay a more frequently used interface.