Air.air, the Gadget That Measures Air Quality

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Pollution is a problem that people in the cities have to deal with each and every day. Even if we like it or not, the air quality in a city has decreased exponentially as the human society evolved, and nowadays it can be harder and harder to find a place where you can breathe fresh air without encountering some chemicals as well.

Some developers have thought about this problem and came with a very interesting solution in the form of Air.Air!, a small device with a very interesting design that also comes accompanied with a smartphone application that improves its functionality. The device can be placed whenever you want, be it outside and inside, and you can use it to measure the air quality in that particular location. The way it works is that it detects particulate matter and through that it will detect the particle types that can be found in the air, even diesel fumes or cigarette smoke. If you have allergies or breathing problems, then Air.Air! can come in handy a lot, because this way you can find out if the air in any location is safe for you.

Air.Air! even includes a sensor that will immediately notify you if the air quality goes under the normal levels, so you can act immediately and get out of there safely. The device can immediately send data to any tool that’s Bluetooth compatible. There’s no need for web connectivity, instead the device will connect with your smartphone at all times through the aforementioned connection type.

Keeping a safe air quality is essential in any environment, and being able to monitor it is just the icing on the cake. That’s where the true use of Air.Air! comes into play, as through it you can always be certain that the air quality is good and without problems.

The dedicated application works seamlessly, as it captures the signal quickly and immediately tells you if there are any problems that you need to be aware of.

Overall, Air.Air! is a lightweight utility that can change our lives, especially if we want to protect our respiratory system. The device is inexpensive and well worth a purchase, especially if we care a lot about our health. You can find out more info about the device and purchase it at the link below.