The World’s First Citysurf Deska Board Gears Up for a Launch

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With sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, hundreds of projects surface every month and many of them fade into oblivion without a trace. Countless projects generate some money but not enough to see the project through. It takes a lot of effort, money and perseverance to actually get a project manifested. Fortunately for Csaba Tölgyesy, his dream project DESKA is going to be a reality soon.

You may call it a modified skateboard, a state of the art kite-board or anything that you can relate with or think of. But the DESKA is actually a multipurpose board. It is the first CitySurf of its kind. But it is also for windsurfers, snowboarders, kite-boarders and all skateboarders.


DESKA Board had bagged the “People’s Choice” award at a pre crowd-funding event of LaunchBox. The contest is also sponsored by the likes of Intel, HP and Cut & Paste. The award certainly propelled the project to prominence and it set out with a goal of raising $20,000. Well, that money has been raised and it is on its way to raise more than $30,000. Should that happen, not only would the DESKA Board roll out on the market but it would sport some incredible graphics at the bottom of the board.

The DESKA Board is promising. Not only were the experts judging the People’s Choice award impressed with the concept but even Ricardo Campello, a three-time windsurfing world champion endorsed the project and shared it on his Facebook page. It is not surprising thence that the project is about to see the light of the day.

The DESKA Board is good for the cities, remote terrains and anywhere you want provided you get some substantial wind power in your sails. The board comes with a disk brake system, windsurf straps, windsurf sail input, convex carbon kevlar shape in a complete handmade high-performance design.

The disk brake system is detachable but it is recommended to have it while surfing or cruising within city limits. Having the power to stop anytime and anywhere is certainly good for safety, even if it is adventure sports that you are partaking. The windsurf strap system allows you to set up the straps depending on whether you take right footed or left footed position. If you are using the board for windsurfing then you can set the sail in the middle.

From windsurfing schools to self trained surfers, the DESKA board is something you should try regardless of where you live.