Bluesmart: World’s First Smart Suitcase!

Bluesmart: World’s First Smart Suitcase!

Bluesmart is a state of the art suitcase, ala a smart-case or smart-bag, which can solve most of the problems that a modern traveler has to deal with. Currently in development, the Bluesmart is loaded with features that would make traveling a cakewalk. Imagine all the problems you have when you are flying, from the intermittent pauses and inconveniences at security checks to baggage weight issues, from loss of luggage to security of your possessions; all such problems would be attended to by the Bluesmart.


  • Bluesmart would help you to know if your bag is locked. If it is not locked, then you can remotely lock it. With this feature, you would always know that your travel bag is safe and thus your possessions are secured.
  • Have you ever wondered if your luggage has been loaded onto the plane or if you have it safe and secured at someplace where it should be? Use the GPS tracker on Bluesmart and know where it is. You can do all of this from your smart phone or tablet. The device is also compatible with laptops and desktops should you wish to connect using the conventional computing devices.
  • You don’t have to wonder how heavy your bag is anymore. You can use the built-in scale of Bluesmart to know exactly how much your bag weighs. You can thereon remove some stuff or load more stuff, as the case may be. Don’t pay extra at the time of checking in and stay within the limits if you wish to take your luggage in the cabin.
  • Not only is Bluesmart powered by a strong battery but it is also capable of charging your mobile devices anywhere and at anytime. Your mobile devices don’t have to run out of juice when you are in the middle of doing something or nowhere close to a charging port. You can use your smart-case to address the problem.
  • From proximity alerts to location tracking, from recording data pertaining to your traveling to having a black box that makes note of every minute detail about the Bluesmart at all times; there is a lot of features packed into the smart-bag. Now you can know when your bag was handled inappropriately or if anything has gone wrong with your bag.

Built with sturdy materials for additional protection, Bluesmart is a technological marvel.