Echo Memory Capture – Create Memories & then Share Them

Echo Memory Capture – Create Memories & then Share Them

Here’s the problem with memory. First, you may not always be able to have memories of everything that you would have cherished. Even if you have a memory of a wonderful moment or event, it is likely that all the visual and audible details would not be very distinctly clear. You will miss out on a few elements, possibly the subtle ones or it might be the most obvious ones. The human brain works in mysterious ways at times. The second problem with memory is that you cannot share it with someone who hasn’t shared the event or moment with you. Obviously you can relate that memory or narrate the event to someone but actually feeling or reliving that memory is almost impossible for someone else.

Echo Memory Capture attempts to address those two issues while being a really cool gadget to own. Echo Memory Capture is essentially a stick that has been loaded with a camera that can rotate 360 degrees. Whenever you are at a place that you like or you are having a moment that you wish to preserve, you can pull out the stick, hold it up and then start the camera to capture a 360 degrees view or video of the place. There are integrated microphones which take in all the sound and record them in sync with the video. Once the camera stops rotating, the LED light indicates the same and you can stop the camera.

Echo Memory Capture comes with a headset that has earphones and a viewing panel which can be used to see the video that has been captured. This video or memory can then be shared with family or loved ones, friends or with people on social networks. Not only is capturing memories and preserving them simpler with Echo, but sharing memories has also become possible.

In many ways, Echo does what a conventional camera would do but you certainly would not get a 360 degree view and you don’t get the cool viewing panels and other features that come with Echo. There are practical uses of Echo but to what extent people would feel the need for such a device would only be determined after the product rolls out in the stores or online.

For now, Echo seems to be a really cool gadget but it certainly has a limited market.