Swash: is It Time to Bid Adieu to Tedious Laundry?

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Swash aims to simplify your weekly or daily chore of doing laundry. No one likes to do laundry. It doesn’t matter how many clothes you have, how often you have to clean them or what kind of washing machine and dryer you use. Doing laundry is a painful chore for anyone and it would be truly fascinating if there is some easier effortless way to attend to your wardrobe.

Well, Swash attempts to be the world’s simplest and yet effective clothing care system. It requires ten minutes to clean your clothes and to make them just as good as new. That is another great advantage of Swash. It doesn’t just clean your clothes but it also dries them, irons them, and restores them. Regular or excessive washing and ironing can actually damage any kind of fabric and yet you cannot do away with the need to clean them. You cannot wear wrinkled or crippled clothes either. Hence, if Swash succeeds in restoring your clothes then they can last longer and you can save a lot of money.

Swash is a standalone portable clothing care system that can be installed anywhere. You can use it in your bedroom, utility area, and bathroom or in your garage. The device is sleek and looks state of the art. It would actually contribute to your interior décor. There is no elaborate setup needed. All you need is a normal plug point or power outlet and your machine is ready to go. You don’t need any additional plumbing fixtures or installations, there are no pipes or requisite of water supply. Swash is a self-sustaining cleaning machine.

Swash uses many unique systems to attend to your clothes. There are Smoothing Clips that ensure the clothes are properly stretched to be cleaned effectively. There is Swash Pods formula that creates a very superfine mist which is sprayed on the clothes, on both sides, to facilitate the cleaning and there is circulated heat that gets rid of wrinkles. From drying to ironing, Swash can do more than you would imagine.

Swash isn’t compatible with silk, leather, velvet, suede, and fur. Any other type of fabric can be easily and safely used in the system. There is some doubt however as to how effective the system would be with all kinds of stains, particularly because there is no water and thus the desirably abrasive or cleansing property of water is being done away with.


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