Ap40 is the Coolest Video Game Controller in the World

Ap40 is the Coolest Video Game Controller in the World

Having a universal controller, which supports your entire range of tech devises, is simply amazing. This amazement further elevates when the controller comes in bright colors and a unique shape. Furthermore, the thing which adds to the value of this product is that it’s a limited edition and only a lucky few will be able to get their hands on it.

AP40 is a universal controller which can be synchronized with all of your tech devises. For instance, it can develop a link with your smartphone (supports iOS and Android0, Mac computers, and Window’s PC, allowing you to play your favorite games in a much better way.


The design of the controller is inspired by Apple’s retro logo, which used stripes of multiple colors. Just like the logo, the controller also has a colorful appearance with a small green leaf at the top, adding to the charm of this gadget. The combination of red and black buttons further increases its beauty.

Unlike traditional gaming controllers, this one isn’t of a huge size. The subtle size of this controller goes perfectly well with the colors and the overall design. This is why it is rapidly becoming a first choice of many video game lovers.

As we have already mentioned, these controllers are only a limited edition and only few lucky ones will be able to use them. To pay homage to Apple’s inception in 1976, only one thousand nine hundred and seventy six pieces are manufactured. Each piece is labeled with its specific number between 1 and 1976.

Currently, these are shipped to almost all parts of the world. A general box, which carries an AP40, contains the controller, a stand to hold your mobile or iPad, and a Bluetooth USB allowing you to develop a connection with your laptops and computers. The stand holds your mobile phone at an angle which is perfect for your eyesight when it comes to playing games. Moreover, the wireless nature of the controller makes it easy for you to play your favorite game from anywhere.

In a very short period of time, AP40 Gaming Console has not only drawn a lot of attention but has managed to win countless plaudits as well. Huge names like Forbes Magazine, The Verge, Hypebeast, and other similar platforms have appreciated AP40 for its unique design, beautiful colors, and high-end performance.