Take Smartphone Photography to the Next Level with the Picbot

Take Smartphone Photography to the Next Level with the Picbot

Everyone loved taking pictures, especially when they have the availability of an amazing smartphone. Taking advantage of this fact, the developers have introduced a smartphone mount, which allows you to capture numerous pictures by facial tracking and many other innovative features. Picbot allows you to use these improved smartphone hardware along with your smartphone for a marvelous photography experience.

Features of Picbot:

It is a motorized mount, which allows your smartphone to take pictures and make videos more efficiently. You can stay completely hands-free while using this mount, as it allows you to use its features after you install the Picbot application on your smartphone to connect it with the smartphone mount. The software of the application controls the mount. You don’t have to use a camera controller, just do what you want and Picbot would bring it into form.

1.     Facial Tracking:

With the use of this incredible feature, you can roam around freely and the camera would detect your face itself, making it easier for you to click pictures and record videos. It tracks your face and makes sure that the subject fits inside the frame of the camera. The camera focuses on your face, keeping the frame adjusted at all times with your movements. Plus, it can track three faces at once.

2.     Automated Panoramas:

The automated panorama of this mount allows you to move around as it can rotate to a full 360 degrees angle. After you set up the frame of the mount, the Picbot would automatically utilize the panorama photo sequence, and would capture the pictures for you. You would only have to stand in the frame. It detects the still motion and then after 3 seconds, it clicks the photo in the style that you are standing in.

3.     Cloud Storage:

The Picbot application, in collaboration with the smartphone mount, provides you with cloud storage. The cloud storage gives you the opportunity to click as many pictures as you want, along with videos. Even if the space on your cloud is finished, you can purchase more storage by paying just a small price for it.


It also presents you with the time-lapse feature, along with the control of the recording time, panoramic rotation, and other minute settings. Just connect your phone with Picbot via Bluetooth and start using it.