10 Best Minivans Cars of the Year under $20000

10 Best Minivans Cars of the Year under $20000

Minivans have become the rage in town in an era when people love to get their hands on trendy vehicles and prefer ready-made solutions. However, driving a minivan does not necessarily mean that you are in need for style and luxury vehicles basically drive on the same pattern. Minivans have topped the charts in the recent years owing to their effectiveness when it comes to a family. Let’s take a look at the best Minivans Cars in the market right now.


10 – 2018 Honda Odyssey Elite (Best Minivans Cars)

Honda have done it for the first time with the movable Magic Slide second column seats that let the parents ostracize their kids to the rear end of the car with ease. You may use an accessible inbuilt vacuum cleaner with its long range and detachable dustbin to tidy up the car’s interior. Equipped with state of the art wellbeing and driver assistance technologies, the 2018 Honda Odyssey Elite lets the driver identify stuff that may not catch your eye while driving. Moreover, the Collision Mitigation Braking System further makes this vehicle a safe bet for a happy family.

9 – 2012 Toyota Sienna XLE car access seat (Best Minivans Cars)

Toyota’s Sienna has seen numerous enhancements over the years ever since it was introduced for the first time and this trend does not stop here. The current model boasts a 4-cylinder and a V-6 engine along with a few 6-speed programmed transmissions. Odometers are up to 26mpg on the road while the vehicle offers 4-wheel drive features in addition to a two seat design. As a matter of fact, the CE cladding of the section level features keyless passage, aeration and cooling with three zones and 10 container mounts. Toyota has also conjured a creative 16-inch LCD screen that lets the passengers watch two disparate programs at the same time.

8 – 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan Crew (Best Minivans Cars)

Equipped with a calfskin wrapped shift lever, multifunctioning steering wheel, flexible control pads, an upgraded cluster of instruments and a motorized sliding passage on the sides of the driver are some of the exclusive features this beast of a car has to offer. There are canisters and extensive LED lighting in the overheads dumps framework in addition to the gorgeous swivel lights make the 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan Crew a hell of a ride.

7 – 2016 Ford Focus RS (Best Minivans Cars)ford focus best Minivans Cars

A compact sized car, 2016 Ford Focus RS, is fitted with the same set of features that you would generally attribute to a larger sized car such as Active Park Assist. This unique feature lets the driver park the car with ease and manage the speed when the driver moderates the speed with the brake. In addition, the 2016 Ford Focus RS is the first small car by Ford to be loaded with the MyFord touch framework that is powered by a touchscreen design and includes voice order features. In addition, this framework also provides WiFi to the car as well as to the region.

6 – 2015 Honda Odyssey EX-L (Best Minivans Cars)honda best Minivans Cars

Sporting a flexible interior and smart plan, the 2015 Honda Odyssey EX-L, comes with the Odyssey 3-Mode Second-Push feature that guarantees supreme comfort and luxury to the passengers. This sporty version of the Odyssey is one of the leading versions in the market available.

5 – 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT Plus (Best Minivans Cars)

Fitted with a few modifications, the 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT Plus, comes with an extended blacktop package that is already a feature of SE Plus and SXT versions. On the exterior, the vehicle boasts 17-inch cleaned aluminum wheels with Shine Dark Takes, an impressive dark crosshair grille, dark headlamp bezels and matching haze lights. The interior is also dark adorned with silver accenting stitching and calf-leather wrapped wheel.

4 – 2018 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT (Best Minivans Cars)best Minivans Cars

The modern day minivans have become quite expensive of late but the 2018 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT is one of the most affordable around. With a seating capacity of 7, it is an easy-to-drive vehicle that promises luxury and comfort for the driver and the passengers alike. The windows are large in size and the overall car seems to be a great choice for a large family. Being square in shape, the 2018 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT resembles a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV).

3 – 2017 Honda Pilot EX-L (Best Minivans Cars)

The 2017 Honda Pilot EX-L is a hybrid utility vehicle that has been cut out for comfort, versatility and luxury. Sporting three rows of seats, the Honda Pilot is at par with the best of the SUVs in terms of performance. The vehicle is equipped with tons of impressive features while the remarkable engine and 9-speed transmission system make this vehicle your best bet. The car is loaded with the manufacturer’s novel Honda Sensing framework that can be accessed from all sides while the well-being centric scaffolds that is integrated with a blindside sensor, pathway assistance, camera and crash detection sensors.

2 – 2009 Mazda 5 Grand Touring (Best Minivans Cars)best Minivans Cars

Mazda have ensured that they make no compromise whatsoever when it comes to seating capacity and adaptability with the 2009 Mazda 5 Grand Touring. If you are a cash strapped, then the Mazda 5 with its limited capacity, seamless handling and other exquisite features is a great choice for you. The “Zoom” fans will certainly get excited to know that the 2009 Mazda 5 Grand Touring is equipped with a 5-speed transmission system while efficiency is another of its fortes.

1 – 2014 Chrysler Town and Country Touring-L 30th Anniversary (Best Minivans Car)best Minivans Cars

Boasting impressive cowhide leather seats and a remarkable interior, the 2014 Chrysler Town and Country Touring-L 30th Anniversary promises a high shelf life, luxurious interior and flexible seating. The vehicle is loaded with the Discretionary UConnect technology that lets the passengers control multimedia sources using touchscreen and voice prompts. The typical dual DVD pacing frame can portray a couple of rear seatbacks that lets the passengers watch two different programs at the same time.

The Wrap Up 

Minivans of the modern age are equipped with all the exquisite and luxurious features of the luxury or play cars. As a matter of fact, most of the minivans that are being produced can be regarded nothing but epitomes of luxury and comfort for a happy family.