Scribblebot: a Wireless Printing Device That Can Help You to Draw

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Not everyone has a natural penchant for drawing, albeit no one would mind having a deft hand at the canvas. Drawing or painting is certainly one of the earliest forms of artwork, much before writing and singing came into existence. Graphic designing and programming along with all technological wizardry and art forms came in much later. If you are not very good at drawing, how can you come up with your own unique pieces? ScribbleBot attempts to answer that.

ScribbleBot is essentially a wireless printing device. The only difference with a conventional printer is that ScribbleBot draws instead of printing in a machine. All you need is ScribbleBot which comes along with its online community and database and the sleek three armed wireless printer, akin to a pen with three heads, would do the job for you on a piece of paper.

The unique selling point of ScribbleBot appears to be an ability to come up with a design within the space you determine and the kind you want. You would also be able to replicate this design as many times as you want, with fascinating accuracy. Even some veteran painters struggle to draw exactly similar or the same images time and over, again and again. With ScribbleBot, that is not an issue.

How you go about using ScribbleBot is simple. You get access to a design already uploaded on the database or you can ask the ScribbleBot community to offer you a design within the ambit of space and description that you would provide. The ScribbleBot would then have a virtual copy of the design and then replicate that or print that onto a piece of paper. The device can move on its own and draw the exact design or any kind of shape on paper. You can also hold onto the device while it is drawing so you get the feeling of drawing it yourself.

However, does this fancy printer have any practical usage? It may have some fun to offer and some people may want that unique piece to be used as a gift, for a drawing or for some set pieces or artwork. But it doesn’t seem to have any practical professional usage. Designers would find it to be quite silly or futile. Besides, ScribbleBot certainly doesn’t teach you how to draw and it wouldn’t sharpen any skills of yours.

ScribbleBot is at best a cool toy which may not have much to offer in the longer run.