The Tron Vette – Ride in Style

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The Tron Vette is regarded as the hero car for Shanghai Disneyland, since the style and appearance of the car reflect it. They say that a part of Disney is invested in this incredible car. The unique idea of the vehicle has been executed under the supervision and guidance of creative professionals and developers, namely, the GM China, GM North America, and Disney. The developers were basically aiming for something that would easily capture the attention and fantasies of the audience.

They say that its design is distilled and is the perfect essence of Tron and Chevrolet merged into one machine efficiently. The design of the Tron Vette had been in process since the year 2013 and now it is finally going to launch. The Tron roller coaster was the first piece of the inspiration behind the manufacturing and design of the Tron Vette. The Qing Yi concept has this vehicle on display for the audience to admire and appreciate as soon as they exit the Tron roller coaster ride.

The car ultimately features two capsules for the riders. The position is inspired by a Lightcycle, which is why the design is quite sleek and attractive. Other than that, the frequency of the shell of the body of the car is high and the best function of the Tron Vette is that it can easily adjust according to the movements of the steering of that of the front wheels, which enhances your driving experience. The outstanding wheels of the car are actually mechanically complex wheels with a simple light wheel to add on to the luxurious style.

The mechanically complex wheels of the car add on to this high-speed cruiser and blends in with the elegance, and the iconic lights adjusted in the front are inspired from the Tron Lightcycles. On the other hand, there is a closed light line and an open light line on top of the car, whereas, at the center, there is a mysterious cockpit design with no glass whatsoever. Other than that, the Tron Vette consists of true glass windows and a stylized Chevy logo on the front for a smoother approach.

The Tron Vette ultimately serves as a stylish Chevrolet Corvette with a few elements merged in from Tron.