Yunbike – the Best of the Best

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With the extreme advancements in technology, it has become vital for one to purchase the innovative products rather than the mainstream traditional ones. When it comes to the means of transportation, people are always looking out for the newest inventions so that they can enhance their travel experience, and add quality to their life. Therefore, with the launch of Yunbike, cyclists are going to enjoy cycling 10 times more now. The Red Dot Jury Panel voted the Yunbike as the Best of the Best for this year and probably many more to come.

According to the developers and the cyclists, this bike is going to top all of the other two-wheelers with its completely different design. The Yunbike does not only contribute to a person’s fitness and the ecosystem, but this extremely amazing bike can be folded and wheeled around whenever and wherever you want. In today’s time, most of the products introduced in the market change too much, before or after the launch, and thus, it does not excite us any longer. On the other hand, the Yunbike is a smart bike, which is working as a prototype right now.

The concepts of most products are the concept of life, whereas, some products keep changing overtime, which is the reason of the downfall of its value in the market. However, with the launch of the Yunbike, most people might even choose this bike as their primary means of transportation. These are one of the few advantages of the Yunbike due to which, it is becoming a widely accepted form of urban commuting. The Yunbike is around 15 kgs, which makes it easier to carry even in the folded condition.

Other than that, this smart bike can be used along with a smartphone app, which allows you to lock or unlock the bike remotely. The smartphone app also allows the rider to switch between the modes of the bike, which are, riding modes or to customize the lighting on the bike. The designer, Hangzhou YunMake Technology Co. Ltd, has also introduced a unique feature through the app, which allows the cyclist to keep a check on the bike’s components.

The app would ping you once it finds some sort of fault in the components of the bike. Plus, the Yunbike has been presented with the Best of the Best award for the year 2015.