Scooter Commuter – the Ultimate Car-substitute

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Did you ever think that technology would progress to such an extent that it would be able to make things slimmer and stronger, both, at once? Let us introduce you to the Scooter Commuter that is going to be the favorite vehicle of the next generation. Using this incredible piece of technology, you would not have to worry about traffic ever again. Most people think that the Segway was by far the most prestigious form of transport, fun and easy, but now the CityGo Urban will catch the eyes of many. It is also known as the e-scooter.

Changing the Way You Ride:

It is specifically designed for the people living in urban areas, and you can navigate around the city on this vehicle even better than Segway. You do not have to doubt the slim design of the vehicle as it can easily carry your weight around the entire city. It is definitely an innovative design that is made just for the comfort of the people. Even working professionals can benefit from this e-scooter, as they can get to work on time, without getting stuck in traffic or getting late. The industry of automobiles has given the masses the opportunity to use and benefit from this prestigious scooter, which is also famous for its elegant design and poise.

It has a sleek approach that makes it all the more attractive. The developers have actually outdone the rest of the story with the iconic style of the e-scooter, especially by breaking away from the traditional or conventional style of scooters. The scooters have been around since a long time by now, but the design of the e-scooter is certainly a means of eye-candy for the audience to enjoy and for the rider to value. The parts of the e-scooter include the headlight, the brake light, and the rest of the body is represented in a more efficient condition. One more thing, which makes it more amazing, is that it can be folded, making it more small and easier to carry, or you can keep it upright.

The LED headlight on the CityGo Urban would allow you to go home safely, even if it is evening or night time. The smart braking system installed on this e-scooter gives you access to the frictional brake as well as the electronic brake.