The Qflow Heater – Create Your Own Cozy Place

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With winter just around the corner and the evenings getting cold due to chilly winds and a damp ambience, the market for room heaters in on the rise. Room heaters, sometimes known as space heaters are a good option when it comes to keeping your room warm and cozy.

Moreover, in cases where you might not be able to get a central heating system installed or it might be costing you a lot, a room heater can help you making your indoor environment comfortable in an affordable price. The market for room heaters has expanded and revolutionized over the years and the newest buzzword in this market is the QFlow Heater, designed by Federico Dorfman, Agustina Garcia and Alejandra Hanashiro!

The Design and Performance:

When it comes to the energy consumption of a central heating system, and the damage it does to your environment – the QFlow Heater is the best alternative you have. The main idea of this portable heater is to provide comfortable and space-driven heating; which is only specific to your personal space, for example your study room, bedroom or even a single reading corner. Being exceptionally economical and eco-friendly, the QFlow heater allows home owners as well as workspace owners to beat the cold of the winter, with a simple click of a button.

The QFlow can warm your personal zone in a blink of an eye, and has a high-performance power house, in order to make sure that it provides maximum results in minimum time. Without using any gas or electricity, the design makes use of a hybrid heating system. This involved the perfect combination of pot-in-pot heating and liquid glycerine, in order to produce radiant heat.

The cool air of the room and the inner hot pot of the device produce an effect known as Seebek, which provides energy to two peltier cells – hidden in the aluminum dissipater. The energy produced as a result of this effect allows a little fan to run, and direct the heat wherever it is needed. The flame of the heater is basically fuled by liquid glycerine, which is conveniently and affordably available in the market. On top of everything else, in order to provide the user with a signal that the QFlow is working, the thermal paint of the logo changes from white to red.

Hence, if you’re looking for an energy-efficient and eco-friendly heater this winter, the QFlow is worth your money!