No Charger? No Problem! Ampl Smartbag

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We have all been there: you will be out and about for a while, but your electronic device is dying rapidly. You might need to surf the web later, or give a presentation. Answer emails or make phone calls. What do you do? Ask a friend to barrow their charger? Go drive around the block to have an excuse to plug your phone in? Head home, even? With the new AMPL Smartbag, you can stay put. Here, we will tell you more about this very cool bag and how it can solve your charging on the go issues.

Solve All Your On-the Go Charging Problems

Inside the AMPL Smartbag, you will find at least 7 USB ports where you can plug up all sorts of devices. There are 3 separate SmartBatteries in the bag itself. With 8.5 watts of power on you, you can charge all sorts of things at once. This includes your tablets, cell phones, smart phones, MP3 or music players, computers, and more. Just plug them in! And do not worry about staying on the go with your devices. The bag itself can absorb shock well, and is even resistant to water. Download the AMPL mobile app so you can see which devices your bag happens to be charging. You can even let the bag know which devices should be charged, first.

Coming Soon to a Store Near You

Want an AMPL Smartbag of your own? Good news! Soon you will be able to buy them in stores for around $299. Be on the lookout for additional accessories, as well, like an AC plug that includes an inverter. Or you can also purchase a few extra SmartBatteries to give your Smartbag a bit of extra power for charging even more devices. Charge your devices while you are out with your friends, giving a presentation, grabbing lunch, attending classes, or even commuting to work. You should not let the lack of a plugin stop you from getting the charge that you need! Now you do not have to.