An Explosion of Portable Power: the Powerbomb

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Your job requires the maximum usage of your Smartphone or tablet which means that you can never afford the battery light to go red. Your business clients and stakeholders have no specific time to call you. You must be available to them at all possible times and must cater to their needs and demands through the phone.
Being always on the run to keep your electronics charged does not sound very wise. But the good news is that a smart solution is available in the market for people who need their electronics to stay charged at all times. No longer do you need to run to a nearby port or search for the seat in a subway that offers access to a socket.
The answer to all your problems is available in the form of a portable powerhouse that will make sure that the battery on your phone or tablet stays green. It is called the Powerbomb. It is not only called one but also looks like one. The design of the Powerbomb is that of a grenade with a keychain in place of the pin.
If you still do not realize the amazing wonders this little thing can do then let me make you familiar with the amazing benefits it has to offer:
Massive Storage of Energy:
The biggest advantage the device offers is the amazing energy storage of about 13000mAh. This means that you can charge your apple or android phone with this device for about six times. This clearly means that the energy in the device will last for more than day for your use (given the fact that you do not start to misuse it).

For you iPad mini or any other tablet of about the same size, the device provides the chance to charge them for about one and a half times within the storage limit that it has to offer. No more worrying about the dying battery in the midst of doing some important work or during an imperative business call.

The size is easy to fit in your palm making it easily portable. Place it in your purse or inside your pocket, it will easily fix. The only thing you have to worry about is convincing the security personnel that it is not a grenade and you are not there to blow up the area.

Battery Indicator:
There are five lights on the Powerbomb that indicate the amount of energy left in it. Be sure to keep a track on these lights as you definitely do not want an additional problem for you if the Powerbomb goes on low power.

On/Off Light Indicator:
This indicator helps from wasting any energy. You do not want to go with a single unit of energy without utilizing it for your benefit. This indicator will remind you to turn the indicator off if it is on without being used.
The manufacturers have incorporated a keychain in it which may look fancy to you but, is actually very useful. This means that you can never forget the device at home as you obviously need to lock it before leaving. So no chance of forgetting Powerbomb at home and none of going low on power making it the ultimate solution for all the problems you faced because of your careless nature.