The New Oco2 – Camera That Cares

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After the success of Oco1, now is the time for the new and improved Oco2. Oco is a very easy way to use a Wi-Fi camera having HD with Cloud recording. With Oco 2, monitoring has become easier.

Designed by Etienne Bouget, the new Oco2 has amazing features which makes it a must buy. Let’s have a look:

  • Easy set up:

Oco has a simple plug-and-play. In just three simple steps you can get your camera running in less than 60 seconds. No hub or PC system required.

  • No Fees:

You get to view live streaming and recorded HD videos over the web or app. And no fees are required for all camera features to be made accessible.

Get a 10-second video on your smartphone without any subscription! You can view it from anywhere!

  • Smart notifications:

You can notifications on your smartphones right away when something happens. You can set alerts on your phones so that you can receive notifications in case any sound or movement is detected or the camera’s view changes.

  • Motion and Noise Detection System:

A motion detection system in Oco makes the camera understand the noise and motion signals to avoid false alarms. The amazing feature of self-learning gets accustomed to your space and can differentiate if it is moved and can easily see the difference between lights, and other factors and alert when something is serious.

  • Night-vision:

A top-quality infrared night vision enables you to see in the dark as well. With a 120 degree wide-angle, allowing you to recognize the movements in the dark too.

  • The two-way communication:

This amazing feature allows you to communicate with your family at home. A really good way to talk to your pets also so that in your absence, they keep themselves out of trouble.

  • Live Feed:

With Oco, you not only get a live feed but also an event preview of 10 seconds which are secured in the cloud for a day.

  • Portability:

Oco can be moved easily wherever you may need. Put it on a shelf or mount it up on a wall, wherever there is a Wi-Fi connection available and an electrical outlet, Oco can be placed there.

  • Complete Monitoring:

With constant live streaming, you can keep a check on your kids and the baby sitter as well. While you are away on a trip you can keep a check on your home via Oco.

  • Direct Talking :

If you want to activate certain features or options, you can speak directly to Oco.

Get your Oco right away because it is the camera that cares!