Magicstick: an Extraordinary Pc Stick

Magicstick: an Extraordinary Pc Stick

The concept of the PC stick is hardly a new invention. However, companies and developers are constantly improving upon what the concept is capable of. The MagicStick is a great example of that thought. With 8GB of RAM, there is no question that this is the most powerful PC stick you’ve ever come across.

How does the MagicStick actually perform under pressure?

How MagicStick Works
Featuring an Intel Cherrytrail quad core processor, the MagicStick is definitely packing a lot of power. Beyond that, it impresses again and again. From the moment you plug this small device into your TV, you’re going to be knocked back by what it is capable of. Not only does this device transform your TV into a computer, but it transforms your TV into an extremely powerful computer.

Add a keyboard and mouse to the proceedings, and then run everything through your mobile device or tablet. It really is that simple. Both Windows 10 and Android Lollipop are preloaded with this device, which is definitely a nice feature. You can then use the MagicStick to browse the internet, watch and streak 4K movies, and play your favorite 3D video games. In other words, it can do pretty much anything you would normally need from a computer.

Best of all, the MagicStick is extremely portable. If you need to have powerful PC capabilities wherever you go, this is something that is obviously going to do the trick. All you’re going to need is the stick, your mouse, and your keyboard. At that point, you’re going to have the ability to plug and play wherever you go.

Advantages Of MagicStick
Obviously, there is a lot about the MagicStick that is worth getting excited about. Whether you want to enjoy Windows 10 on the go, or if you need something that works seamlessly with your apps, this is the product for you.