Particle Mask Reduces Chemical Exposure

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Chemicals found in the air we breathe whether, it is in the air that we breathe at work or at home, puts us at higher risks of developing certain conditions later on in life. One of those conditions that can affect us when at work or home is asthma. By limiting the amount of exposure we are subjected to, we limit the bodies’ defense to these conditions. This type of defense is something that we want for our body to do since the problem of cancer being everywhere that you turn has become an epidemic; anything that we can do to make this less of a problem is something that is beneficial for all. The particle mask is used to reduce the amount of exposure to certain chemicals that are hazardous to our health. By cutting back the exposure, the chance that we pass something on to loved ones or the burden of caring for someone who is very sick due to being exposed to harsh chemicals over a period of time is comforting. Sure, there are some masks already out there that help to cut back on the exposure however none of those masks were able to pull off what this mask was able to do and that is to limit even more air from entering the space and still leaving you subjected to hazardous conditions


Household chemicals and cleaning supplies can even cause the same health problems later on. With the help of the chemical exposure mask, you are 25% less likely to develop these health problems. The mask is meant to help by filtering the chemicals in the air that we breathe in by purifying the air. The filter is removable and cleanable to allow for easy reusing of the mask repeatedly.

The body of the mask is made from a durable plastic that uses the same plastic on the inner body of the mask. There is a transparent window in the mask that will allow for people to see inside of the mask and view your lips. The black head strap will keep the mask in place both on top and on bottom. There is a shallow airway opening in the mask that allows for the mask to let in clean air when in an environment that is made up primarily of clean air.

This mask looks like something straight out of the future. With the present times moving at a fast pace, it would make sense that more companies are searching for new and exciting ways to move the gadgets of today into the next era.