Elwn Fit Earbuds

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Earbuds are small handy devices that make your listening experience yours and yours only. For example, when you are using a public transport and you wish to tune into your music world so as to zone out from your external surroundings, it becomes important that you have earbuds and that too, good quality ones. However, there are many earbuds that do provide quality but not many adjustable features.

Although a recent invention by ELWN brought to light a new kind of earbud that solves the problem of earbud fitting and also battery life. Additionally, by and large, ELWN earbud is a new type of listening/hearing device that has 48 different fit accessories and 180 perfect fit options. Some of the fit accessories are listed below:

There is no one who has both ears exactly the same and this is why the fit earbuds have different accessories that are available with every set to adjust to your needs.

  • Single Flanged Silicone Earfin
  • Triple Flanged Silicone Eartips
  • Sport Fit Foam Eartips
  • Comfort Fit Foam Eartips
  • Fully Structured Silicone Earfins
  • Light Structure Silicone Earfins
  • Over the Hook

Moreover, these earbuds have other benefits as well. The benefits are as follows:

  • Fit earbuds go on for 3 hours when they are fully charged.
  • These earbuds are wireless and they come along with an infinity band.
  • ELWN fit earbuds have a wearable charger that you can connect to and it will enable you to extend the runtime to 6.5+ hours.
  • Once your earbuds are low again you can connect the infinity band again and this way you will get endless runtime, which will, in turn, give you a continuous listening time.
  • Has a customized earbud facility that lets you pick and choose a fit earbud combination that you are most comfortable with.
  • The sound quality is really good. You can listen to music and make calls with the ease of good sound quality.
  • These earbuds are perfect to be used in any weather.
  • You can use it anywhere whether running, jogging, eating, etc.

So, hurry up and get these earbuds if you want to stand out and at the same time if you wish to get the most mesmerizing listening experience. ELWN Fit Earbuds are here to accompany you and enhance your experience of listening to music or even hearing phone calls.