Essense Glove: a Useful Tool for Paramedics, at Emergency Care & Myriad Purposes

Essense Glove: a Useful Tool for Paramedics, at Emergency Care & Myriad Purposes

The world of medicine and diagnostic tools is evolving at a rapid pace. It has always evolved at a swift rate. No sooner when hydrotherapy was endorsed in a wide range of treatments than laser treatments became available. Over the last ten years laser therapies and treatments have undergone a sea change. Diagnostic tools have also undergone massive transformations over the years. Large systems have made way for portable units. Machines that could arrive at an inference in several hours can now do so instantly. One of these remarkable advancements in the healthcare and diagnostic industry is the Essense Glove.


Apparently, it looks like a fancy glove, not very different from what some science fiction movies showcase. But in effect, it is a glove that diagnoses three very important attributes of any person. The Essense Glove is integrated with infra red technology that can read a person’s pulse, measure the body temperature and can also diagnose blood glucose levels. Placing the Essense Glove at the wrist of a person, where you would normally find the pulse, will give you a reading which is more accurate than manually counting the pulse or heart rate. Not only does the glove measure the rate but it can accurately find the pulse. In case of accidents or when people have been seriously injured, paramedics or emergency healthcare professionals and first aid workers often don’t find the pulse of the injured. That leads to a lot of speculations and also wrong reactions. All that can be avoided by using the Essense Glove.

The glove can also measure the body temperature. You just have to wear the glove and place your hand on the forehead of a person whose body temperature has to be measured. To measure the blood glucose levels, you would have to place two fingers while wearing the glove on the tip of the index finger of the person who has to be diagnosed. It works similar to the device used by people suffering from diabetes but instead of being pinched to extract some blood, the glove is noninvasive.

The infra red technology is harmless, the glove is not intrusive or invasive and it can be used at any place. Not only is this a good device in emergency circumstances, conventional diagnosis can also become quicker, simpler and convenient with Essense Glove.