Cook Your Food with Your Usb with Brainwave

Cook Your Food with Your Usb with Brainwave

Cook Your Food with Your USB with Brainwave

How many times have you wished that you could just sit at your desk and have one of your devices make your lunch for you? If you have a microwave in your office, this might not be a problem. But what if anyone could have a microwave on their desk? Even better, what if this microwave simply ran on power from a USB port, instead of on electricity? With the Brainwave, that’s now possible. The Brainwave, developed by Steve Gates, is a concept design that is a USB powered microwave. When your meal is loaded into the oven, it automatically senses the size, etc. to cook your frozen food, veggies, or meal to perfection in just a few minutes.

Never Leave Your Space, Again!

If you are already forced to sit at your desk most of the day, this concept might be great for you. However, it might not be so welcomed for that set that likes to leave their desk during the lunch hour! So far, though, both of these groups will have to wait to try the Brainwave. It is still in the prototype phase of development. In the future, though, every cubicle in your office might just be outfitted with a microwave just like one of these. Then you will never have to leave your space to go to the office kitchen, again!