7 Best Microwaves Under $50 Review 2020

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best microwaves under $50

Microwave classifies as a must-have kitchen appliance because of its unparalleled convenience. Therefore, it is deemed to be very user-friendly and safe to use. Moreover, the list of innovative features a microwave offers goes on from unconventional reheating to grilling and instant cooking. This why most users find it efficient when it comes to saving time and energy.

Since microwaves are well-programmed to reheat and cook just about any type of food. There are a variety of designs and sizes available. That is to say, that if you’ve already searched for one, you might have found yourself in a frenzy of unlimited microwave models. And that too, with price brackets that must have given your budget a serious shudder.

In this article, we will give you the 5 best microwaves under $50 to help you find the ideal model that best suits your kitchen needs.

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1 – COMFEE’ EM720CPL-PMB Countertop Microwave Oven (Best Overall)

This compact microwave leads the list when it comes to best countertop microwaves under $50. Offering convenience in its light-weight size, this microwave fulfills all household needs. With a one-touch cooking function, it is not only easy-to-use but is also time-efficient. Moreover, the easy auto-cook option allows you to make popcorns, pizza, and potatoes instantly. You can also reheat frozen vegetables if you are looking to put together a basic dinner. This is why most users find it to be a best-suited purchase. Additionally, the stainless finish lends it a modern look.

This product is a user-favorite amongst most households. And not to forget COMFEE’ has established itself as a trusted brand in small kitchen appliances. Thus, making this microwave a preferred choice when it comes to the best microwaves under $50.


  • Size: 17.3 x 13.4 x 10.2 inches
  • Capacity : 0.7 cubic-foot capacity
  • Weight: 20.3 pounds
  • Power Capacity: 700 watts
  • Power Levels: 11


  • The compact size of this countertop microwave allows you to tuck it anywhere in your kitchen. And thus, it is loved for its perfect size. Furthermore, if you plan on buying a full-range microwave in the future then this can still be used for basic reheating.
  • It is also easy-to-assemble so it wouldn’t take much of your time to unbox and set up.


  • Some users often find the cooking capacity to be a problem. The rotation tends to slow down if you pop in a bulk of food to reheat. A large bag of popcorns might also take a few extra minutes to cook. However, it is recommended that you don’t use popcorn bags of more than 3oz.3.
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2 – BLACK+DECKER EM720CB7 Digital Microwave Oven (Runner up)

The second one on our list of best microwaves under $50 is the Black Decker EM720CB7. This digital microwave oven is perfect for any counter space in your kitchen. We’d say it’s about 2/3 the normal size of a microwave!

So, not only the compact size makes it a good pick for everyday use. But, the pre-programmed buttons also add to the user-friendly feature. Additionally, it also has a push-button door release for easy access. And above all, the microwave is engineered with a child-safety look. Thus, making it safe to use. It comes with a removable 10-inch glass turntable.

This model is also available in a range of bigger capacities but with a higher price tag.


  • Size: 19.75 x 15.5 x 12 inches
  • Capacity : 0.75 cubic-foot capacity
  • Weight: 23.6 pounds
  • Power Capacity: 700 watts
  • Power Levels: 10


  • The express cooking option allows you to instantly cook or heat the meals without having to set the timer manually, multiple times.
  • Perfect size for small families or individuals.


  • Given the capacity, you will have trouble fitting in large dinner size platters. However, it will work fine for sizable plates and dishes.
  • At times, the defrost option may not evenly heat the food. So, you might have to wait for a few minutes and run it again.
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3 –AmazonBasics Microwave (Best Value)

It is safe to say that the next on our list is surely the talk of the town when it comes to the best microwaves under $50. This small counter top model by Amazon is a very basic microwave. All you have to do is plug the microwave, place the glass tray inside, and alas! you’re good to go. However, there is one feature that sets it apart from other basic microwaves. Residing in the big blue button at the bottom of the control panel, this is the “Ask Alexa” feature.

It offers almost all microwave functionalities in the same price range as other microwaves. But, the integration of Alexa gives it a smart edge over other basic counter top microwaves under $50. So, if you want a fun and smart kitchen appliance for your kitchen then this is your go-to option.


  • Size: 17.3 x 10.1 x 14.1 inches
  • Capacity : 0.7 cubic-foot capacity
  • Weight: 21.9 pounds
  • Power Capacity: 700 watts
  • Power Levels: 10


  • Compact size and easy to set up.
  • Alexa is fast and swift responses to get the task done.


  • Overheating might be a concern at certain times.
  • Alexa device wit echo speakers are not included and have to be bought additionally for the voice feature to work.
  • Voice commands won’t work if the door has been inactive for too long e.g. you’ve left it open for too long.
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4 –RCA Microwave Oven

This compact microwave is an optimal pick for home kitchens, offices, and dorms. This model fits easily at any counter top space. That is to say, it saves you the hassle of clearing the space and relocating items to set it up.

As far as the performance is concerned, this RCA microwave is programmed with six one-touch functionalities. Thus, easing down the process of frequent cooking tasks. And this feature is cherished by most users, as it helps them optimize the cooking time with convenience. Moreover, the microwave has a strong structure and is well-built with durable materials. Thu, clearly making it a strong competitor if you are hunting for best microwaves under $50.


  • Size: 23 x 15 x 12 inches
  • Capacity : 0.7 cubic-foot capacity
  • Weight: 25.7 pounds
  • Power Capacity: 700 watts
  • Power Levels: 10


  • Compact and easy-portable.
  • It is equipped with a child safety feature to prevent any accidents.
  • Unlike other microwaves, the door of this microwave doesn’t get jammed even after multiple uses.


  • The glass turntable may occasionally slide off the rotating track.
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5 – Commercial Chef CHM660B Countertop Microwave

This kitchen countertop microwave oven by Commercial Chef is a fairly suitable choice for meeting your kitchen needs. Either you wish to heat up leftovers from the weekend or want to prepare popcorns for a movie night. It works fine for both. For the value of money, the microwave body is also suitably durable with a black front display. Above all, the compact size and mechanical dial controls are the reason why it has made it to our list of best microwaves under $50.


  • Size: 17.75 x 12.5 x 10.25 inches
  • Capacity : 0.6 cubic-foot capacity
  • Weight: 23.1 pounds
  • Power Capacity: 600 watts
  • Power Levels: 6


  • The mechanical dials are easy to use. And the time can be set from anywhere between 1-30 minutes.
  • Easy to clean and requires minimal upkeep. Thus, it is low maintenance.


  • The low power capacity might not suit you if you are looking for rough long-term use.
  • The compact size is only suitable for small dishes, platters, and mugs.
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Finding a suitable microwave for your kitchen can be an overwhelming task. However, if you follow the right set of guidelines, you’ll surely be able to cross out unfitting options. So be sure, to assess your potential purchase on the following features,

  • Space and Location

Of course, you wouldn’t want a bulky microwave that occupies a major chunk of your counter space. Unless, you have a very spacious kitchen. That is to say, always keep in mind where you will place the microwave and iterate through available options.

  • Microwave Type

There is a wide range of options when it comes to types of microwaves. Given the budget, small countertop microwaves will be a good fit. They have all basic microwave features and are also easy to use. On the contrary, most countertop microwaves are slightly big in size. So, be sure to check the dimensions and get one that easily fits in your kitchen.

Yes, your budget is the dominant factor, but all aforementioned products essentially give you the best microwaves under $50. The prices might be a little over $50 but with coupons and offers you can surely land a good deal!

Lastly, if you click and buy through the Amazon links provided here, we get a small commission.

Our Verdict

Best overall: COMFEE’ EM720CPL-PMB Countertop Microwave Oven

Best value for money: AmazonBasics Microwave


Q. Which microwave oven is right for me?

The answer to this questions depends solely on the foods you plan to cook and the frequency of use. If you simply want to warm up food then at max a 1000 watt microwave will do the job. Therefore, explore available options based on your requirements.

Q. How can I test my microwave after purchase?

To test the performance of your microwave, all you need is a glass bowl. Fill it with water and run it in the microwave for about 2-3 mins at the default setting. The temperature reading of the heated water must range between 29-40 degrees Fahrenheit or 15-22 degrees. If so, then the microwave is running properly.

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