Audio Orbs

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The Audio Orbs are a unique combination of speaker and furniture. While many home theaters or speaker set ups require you to place them around your living room for optimal sound quality the Audio Orbs takes the feng shui out of a speaker set up. This unique furniture isolates you in a clear sound enclosure with speakers already placed in the perfect position to give you the best sound experience all contained in one place.

Product Description

With 18 speakers placed within the sphere, multiple comfy cushions, and a clear plastic exterior the Audio Orbs allows you to sit in both comfort and style while experience full sound immersion. Unlike other conventional stereo systems that cost thousands of dollars, have to be placed throughout a room in your house, and typically require extensive wiring; the Audio Orbs are entirely self-contained.

Does it work?

When it comes to a surround sound experiences the Audio Orbs are a unique item all of their own. With several comfortable cushions, a spherical enclosure, and 18 speakers optimally placed it is literally like sitting inside a speaker. These are perfect for indoor and outdoor use allowing you to get the best of both worlds. Install one in your living room and not only will it be a great conversational piece but will also provide a beautiful audio experience. Whether you are listen to music, watching a movie, or listening to your favorite radio program or podcast the Audio Orbs will engulf you in sound. Regardless of what you may use the Audio Orbs for having a comfortable and enjoyable location at your disposal is a wonderful experience.


Overall the Audio Orbs provide a terrific combination of style, comfort and sound design. While the Audio Orbs are meant for single occupancy you can have multiple Audio Orbs either linked together or have them on separate channels. Additionally the Audio Orbs are great for relaxing outdoors with a somber musical soundtrack. As the exterior is clear you can enjoy nature in the comfort of the Audio Orbs. While the Audio Orbs are physically larger than other forms of furniture they do come with an ideal speaker placement built into the Audio Orbs themselves. Whether you are using the Audio Orbs to experience a movie on a whole new level, relaxing outside while meditating to tantric sounds, or doing some work with your favorite radio station in the background having an Audio Orbs can make even the more average experience exceptional.