Mb&f Hm6, the Space Pirate Watch

Mb&f Hm6, the Space Pirate Watch

We are currently living in a time period where smartwatches and wearables in general are a very interesting topic. MB&F, a very popular watch maker wants however to stand out of the crowd and it offers a very interesting watch that doesn’t bring any smartwatch features within it, instead it’s focused more on the design. We are talking about the MB&F HM6, a fun looking, bulbous watch that’s made out of titanium allow and which displays the time thanks to some small and interesting curved bulbs located in the lower end of the device.

It might not look like much at first, in fact it’s a replica of a cartoon watch, but the science behind it is very interesting. The materials included in it are top notch, and in order for the manufacturers to create such a watch with this unique size and shape, they had to use some breakthrough technologies that were unavailable before. The MB&F HM6 even includes a sapphire crystal within it, so being able to view and use it is simply astonishing to say the least.

The watch does bring a central core that you can cover whenever you want in order to keep the one of a kind biomorphic design that the watch has. MB&F HM6 brings one of the most unusual shapes that you can find in a watch, and that’s definitely meant to appeal to a lot of people, mainly thanks to the impressive great taste that it brings. It even needs to receive some praise, because not that many designers are willing to stand out of the crowd with their creations in such a way.

MB&F HM6 brings a very intriguing organic feel to the whole device that makes it pop out. While previous versions of this series focused on bringing a less daring design, the MB&F HM6 wants to stand out and innovate at the same time. While the whole functionality of the watch is far from being impressive, the MB&F HM6 is a watch that shines from a visual standpoint. It’s important to state that this particular item has been created manually from one of a kind materials, which somehow justify the large price of around $230000. If you want to find out more about the watch or purchase it, you can do that at the link below.