Sphere Drone by Nepdesign – the Craziest Looking Drone in the Market

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The thinkers needed a way to incorporate speed and aerial experience, in order to provide an opportunity to aerial enthusiast feels what it meant to fly. After years and years of work and research, we finally came across the Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS), or more commonly known as drones.
Drones were used for military operations and rescue missions, but as the world came to know about them, their popularity grew in different parts of the world. With time, drones became useful in different niches, such as photography, videography, weather forecasts and even in recreational activities – drone sports.
However, the brands behind these drones have been in a competition for as long as the existence of drones. The latest drone, added to the arsenal of Nepdesign, a firm of technologies, is the craziest looking Sphere Drone!
About Nepdesign’s Sphere Drone:

This sphere drone has become one of one the most intriguing topic of discussion in the tech realm. After the foldable drone caught the attention of people over the social media, this sphere drone made its entry and became the highlight of the night.
Giving the drone a shape like a UFO, the beauty, and class of this drone was combined with a series of cameras, to provide the best aerial experience ever. Equipped with an upward facing camera, a downward facing camera and lots of other cameras on the side, the drone is the perfect solution for photographers and videographers.
The Design:
The creators of this beautiful drone have made it overwhelmingly attractive. They have used a different approach and given the drone a spaceship-like design. With four different propellers, the drone has a round base at the bottom. The drone is available in different colors, which feeds the need for color diversity of drone freaks as well.
Covered with Cameras:
The de facto of this drone is that it is literally covered with cameras. There is an upward facing camera, a downward facing camera, and the base is covered with cameras around the sides. The HD cameras help in providing a high-quality video making feature, which is topped off with still pictures, saved in an external memory card of this drone.
The cameras help in producing videos and pictures from each and every angle. Apart from being perfect for photographers and such niches, the drone can also be sued in military operations and rescue missions, with its ability to keep an eye on everything around.
The Final Verdict:
The Sphere Drone by Nepdesign is a futuristic step towards revolutionizing the design of a drone and what it can do. This drone is a miracle in the field of aerial photography and videography. The tech necks back at Nepdesign have outdone themselves by giving birth to such a unique drone, which is a combination of a classy layout and incredible features. So, are you a drone fanatic? Make sure to grab the latest sphere drone by Nepdesign and get the magical aerial experience you’ve been waiting for.