25 Must Haves in Your Kitchen

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Every woman wants her kitchen to be complete and if ever you tried to purchase products for your ideal kitchen, then you would acknowledge that it is quite an intimidating task. Things are made even more complicated when we see the advertisements of different brands claiming that their merchandise are the best in the world. In this post, we are going to share with you the 25 must have in your kitchen.

1 – Set of Chef’s Knife

When it comes to your cutting needs, this set of Chef’s knives will come to your rescue. The knives are sharp and reliable and will come to your rescue in everyday chores. The different sizes of knives can be used for different cutting needs. This is a must have for your kitchen.

2 – Cutting Board

A cutting board is another item that you should have in your kitchen at all costs. Whenever you will be using a knife to cut or slice different things in your kitchen, a cutting board will be an essential item in this regard. A chopping board made of polypropylene is a long lasting choice that will guarantee you peace of mind for a long time to come.

3 – A Vegetable Peeler

You definitely need a peeler to peel off vegetables such as carrots or potatoes. It would expedite your chores in the kitchen for sure.

4 – Whisk

This is probably one of the most frequently used items in a kitchen for beating sauces, eggs, salads of different kinds and plenty of other stuff.

5 – Grater

You should ensure that you purchase tools and items that can be used for multiple purposes in your kitchen. You can get your hands on a multipurpose grater that can be used as a grater, chiffonade and zester for grating citrus, ginger, onions and other stuff.

6 – Bread Knife

You would definitely be using a bread knife to slice bread. You may as well use a bread knife to slice cakes and pastries and other baked edible products.

7 – A Honing Rod

Everyone loves to use their purchased products for as long as possible. With the help of a honing rod, you can keep the edges of your knives aligned to ensure that they keep functioning as efficiently as possible.

8 – Rice Cooker

You may deem cooking rice with some water in a cooking pot as an easy task but this seemingly easy chore is rendered even more convenient with a rice cooker. You simply have to put the rice in the rice cooker and let it wave its magic wand.

9 – Baking Pan

If you are into baking cookies, cakes, bread and pastries, then a reliable baking pan will certainly help you out in everything that you bake.

10 – A Set of Tongs

You surely need a tong with a metal base and plastic tip to turn over chicken or a loaf of bread in the pan. They are reliable and are an essential item for your kitchen.

11 – Stainless Measuring Cups

There must be several occasions when you are not sure whether you are putting the exact quantity of liquid or solid in your food. This is where stainless measuring cups will come to your rescue.

12 – Glass Mixing Bowls

Whether you want to beat egg, sauce, salad dressings or stir marinades and spice rubs, the easily stacked glass mixing bowls will ensure that you are able to keep them arranged in your kitchen and will certainly make your life a lot easier.

13 – Mandoline

A mandolin is exactly what you need when slicing potato chips, fries or other such stuff in thin slices. You may end up injuring yourself after using a flimsy knife or mandolin. So, if you want to keep yourself safe and secure from harm, then a top quality mandolin is a must have.

14 – A Coffee Machine

Getting up from the bed early in the morning with a lovely hot cup of coffee is what we all adore. A kitchen without a coffee machine seems like an empty room to us!

15 – Quality Blender

You should definitely use a blender in your kitchen for soups as well as cocktails. This will surely make things easier for you.

16 – A slow cooker

Paying attention to detail while cooking food in your kitchen can be a bit of a hassle with all the hectic schedules of the day. A slow cooker ensures that you only have to put the requisite ingredients in it in the morning and when you come back home in the evening, your food is ready for you.

17 – A Colander

When you are looking to drain off washed vegetables, salad greens and pasta, a colander is the best thing that you can have. You are surely going to end up using a top quality colander for a long time to come.

18 – A Paring Knife

The more seasoned home chefs who are looking to trim food items with a unique subtlety would love to have a paring knife that helps them in chopping and cutting.

19 – Citrus Juicer

A citrus juicer helps you juice oranges and lemons with reckless ease. Moreover, a top notch citrus juicer will ensure that in addition to squeezing the pulp out of the fruit and producing juice, the seeds do not get mixed in it.

20 – Measuring Spoons

With the help of measuring spoons, you would not have to worry about failing to put the right amount of ingredients in your food.

21 – Can Opener

With the aid of a can opener, in addition to opening cans, you can also open jar lids and pull tabs in a secure manner without injuring yourself. If you love to have snacks on daily basis, then you probably would be needing it everyday.

22 – Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

This is a great purchase for those who love to have hot chocolate or hot tea. You are guaranteed to have ice cold water during the warm summer days. A top quality hot and cold water dispenser ensures that you get access to filtered water thanks to its integrated filtration system.

23 – Large pots and Small or Medium Saucepans

If you are about to cook food for a larger number of people, then large pots will come in handy while cooking broth, soup, stews, sauces and pasta. The size of the pot will surely vary with the amount of food that you are planning to cook.

24 – A Counter-depth Refrigerator

A conventional standing refrigerator may take up so much space in your kitchen that could otherwise have been used for some other beneficial purpose. A counter-depth refrigerator can conveniently get adjusted into a typical cabinet. Moreover, such a refrigerator is more spacious in contrast to its standard counterpart.

25 – A Steam Oven

Steam ovens cook food with the help of moisture which is considered a healthy method of cooking food since the vitamins and other essential ingredients of food remain preserved.