The Uber App Now Offers Flu Shots on Demand!

The Uber App Now Offers Flu Shots on Demand!

The Uber app was designed to offer delivery for items you wouldn’t normally demand, such as donuts, kittens, and ice cream. However, today the delivery app is adding another service to their roster, namely, flu shots.


Consider why this is such an important service and one to take seriously, and why this type of technology may change the face of medicine in the future.


The Dangers of the Flu


It seems like everyone today is talking about the Ebola virus, and while that subject is serious, it’s worth noting that the flu virus still kills thousands of people every year. Those who are most susceptible to the flu include children, the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems. It’s often recommend that everyone get a flu shot if possible but especially those who are most likely to carry the virus.

The flu itself is dangerous not just because of the virus itself but also because of how it weakens a person’s immune system. When fending off the flu virus a person may be more susceptible to other illnesses and may suffer long-term health consequences that can make them sick for many months afterwards.

Calling Uber

For those who need a flu shot but who can’t get to their local pharmacy or doctor’s office for an appointment, Uber can help. This app can call a traveling nurse who can provide flu shots for up to ten people at one time. Because the Uber app has a subscription service fee, the shots themselves are free and Uber promises to make a donation to the Red Cross for every shot ordered.

Many are praising this app for its practical application that could change the face of medicine in the future. Many patients bemoan the lack of traveling doctors who make house calls and the fact that wait times in hospitals and clinics can be far too long for most. This app however makes it easier to have the healthcare a person needs delivered right to the door, and it may inspire others to think about how they too can make good health accessible to others.