Ailun Glass Screen Protector | Brand Review 2020 and Buyers Guide

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The glass on the screen of the iPhone gadget has become harder and scratch-resistant since it was first launched. But still, you need screen protectors to prevent your phone from complete screen cracks and unrepairable damages. It is far better to replace a glass screen protector than the screen itself. It is too expensive to repair your phone every time it drops from your hand! There are many screen-protector manufacturers with each focusing on one or more specialized areas of expertise. Few brands are going for cheap and reliable screen-protector while others are using premium material and superior engineering. After trying and testing dozens of glass screen protectors, we came upon the conclusion than the Ailun glass screen protector is the best of the options.

Ailun screen protector is best known for its precision, high quality, and the use of modern cutting edge technology. With Ailun glass screen protectors, you can provide extra security to your iPhone’s screen. The glass is laser cut and perfect fit and land on the screen. Ailun glass screen protector is more popular with iPhone Plus models but have shown great success with iPhone X and X Plus. They are also easy to install without worrying about trapping the bubbles. We are going to put together a few more details on why Ailun glass screen protector is the best of the bunch.


Best quality Ailun glass screen protector

Ailun Glass Screen Protector Material & Built-in Quality:

Ailun screen protectors are made of tempered glass. When it comes to screen protectors, tempered glass is the boss of all. In the old days, films were used to cover the screen, but those days are now over. Tempered glass, like all 99% of the glass, is made of soda-lime glass. Tempered glass is the product of applying heat to regular lime glass for 4 hours. The temperature needs to 620 degrees Celsius. In the case of cheap glass, 2 hours of heat is enough. The built-in quality of the Ailun glass screen protector is outstanding compared to its closest alternative.

Ailun Company’s product line is not deep but they have put effort into every area of the production and the result is awesome. The principles of precision engineering are cruel in the production of a quality product. The laser-cut glass by Ailun is an example of it. It perfectly fits in.

Ailun Glass Screen Protector Durability:

Modern iPhone models come with tougher glass than previous phones. But there is a wide misconception than with these modern screens you don’t need a screen protector. Many users still prefer screen protector and it looks like the better option. With Ailun glass screen protector, the screen becomes more scratch resistant. It is less likely to crack or shatter. The tempered glass used in these protectors has a 9H hardness rating, which is pretty impressive. It provides extra protection in case of dropping. In many independent tests, Ailun protectors have shown less damage when dropped from shoulder height than other ones. Replacing the iPhone screen cost way more than other phones. But with Ailun screen protectors you are going to save a lot on repair bills. It costs only a few bucks and has great value for money.

Ailun Glass Screen Protector Compatibility:

There are screen protectors for almost every iPhone model by Ailun. But with the iPhone Plus series, it is more popular. Screen protectors are even available for other Apple devices. Ailun glass screen protector is available for iPhone 6, 6s, 7, and 8. In the X series, it is available for iPhone 11, iPhone X, and XR. Ailun glass screen protectors enhance the grace and overall look of your gadget. In terms of installation, it is easy to install. These protectors perfectly fit and stay on the screen of your phone with no major issue. The finish of these protectors is outstanding making it the must-have accessory option for your iPhone. It covers the entire screen area with no apparent issues with the touch-screen and home button.

Useful features of Ailun glass screen protector:

Ailun glass screen protector for iPhones has an oleophobic and hydrophobic coating which prevents it from the effects of sweating and figure prints. If you are one of those who have a problem with sweaty palms, you don’t need to worry about wiping your screen every other second. The touch-sensitivity and display quality remain 99.99% after the same even after the installation of a glass screen protector. The performance and usability of the screen remain almost the same with added screen protection through glass protectors.


  • Pack of 3 protectors is available in the box.
  • Glass hardness is 9H with dimensions of 0.33mm.
  • 5D rounded edges.
  • Laser-cut glass.
  • Easy installation with online video tutorials
  • 99% touch screen accuracy
  • Scratch-resistant glass

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Buyers Guide:

Previously we had come to this conclusion that, in many cases, we do need screen protectors for our phone. Now that we need it, what should we look for in a screen protector?

The first and foremost is compatibility. You should watch out that this specific screen protector will fit well on my phone. Is it suitable in terms of look and utility? When the finish in not right, you should expect less. So make sure the screen protector you are buying is the best fit for your phone’s screen. Similarly, there shouldn’t be extra space left on the sides of the phone. It gives bad to look at your iPhone and sometimes makes using phones annoying.

The second thing you should be looking for in any screen protector is the quality of the glass. Tempered glass screen protectors are more popular than other ones. The oleophobic and hydrophobic property of the glass is also important. Make sure the screen protector preserves the sensitivity of the touch and all other features. With the oleophobic layer, the oil doesn’t stick on the screen and thus there will be no evident fingerprint signs on your phone’s screen.

The last thing you should look for in a glass screen protector is the easy-to-install feature. Some brands deliver installation packages as well in the box. If you can install it on your own it will be better and easy.


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