9 Best Reborn Baby Dolls Under $50

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Each doll is a product of thorough craftsmanship, extensive hours of hard work, and intense attention to detail. This clearly explains why the price tags on these reborn dolls often go up to thousands of dollars, making these hyper-realistic dolls a treasured possession. But with stifling finances it all boils down to getting a doll that not only satisfies your need but is also mindful of the budget. So, to ease your search, we have conveniently prepared a comprehensive guide with the 9 best reborn baby dolls under $50. Note: As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

1 – La Newborn 14-inch Boutique Doll (Best Overall)


Made with non-scented and washable vinyl, the doll not only feels fresh and soft to the touch but it also guarantees long term durability. The perfectly curated aesthetics and details make it a perfect addition for you or your family. It has a delicately soft yet adorable face with twinkling eyes and dainty toes with a crinkled texture.

Carefully, wrapped in a polka-dotted lightweight blanket, this doll is sure to lend a loving vibe to your collection. It has bendable shoulder and leg joints with a head that flexibly turns sideways, imitating a real baby. The doll weighs over a pound and thus is easy to carry. The design comes in two variants, a powder pink shade for girls and a baby blue one for boys. Therefore, La Newborn doll has been chosen as the best overall on our best reborn baby dolls under $50 list.


  • Baby shirt
  • Diaper cloth
  • Diaper cover
  • A pair of shoes
  • A set of hospital accessories

This fairytale-inspired reborn doll is realistically sculpted in baby soft vinyl. The doll is 10 inches in size and weighs approximately a pound. This is a mini-doll, making her size smaller than most other reborn dolls. Her adorable sleeping face features a glow that you cannot take your eyes off, making you cuddle the doll just like your won baby.

This loving doll has hand-rooted mohair however, it looks similar to a newborn baby. So, she has very little hair over her baby soft head. Her arms and limbs are moveable, allowing you to set the doll in any position. You can either make her sit or stand. She has beautiful hand-painted details and tiny lashes that have been hand-applied by the artist. However, her eyes will remain closed permanently, and won’t blink. This doll has secured second place on our best reborn baby dolls under $50 list. 

This reborn doll is sure to melt you away with her gleaming face and innocent features. 


  • An outfit
  • A diaper

It’s time to sparkle your little one’s room with a hint of doll magic. This sweet reborn baby doll is approximately 22 inches in size, from head to toe. The soft vinyl limbs and head make it a safe pick for kids. It has altered weight to match the weight of a real baby so that it feels real. With hand-painted details, rooted mohair, delicate hand-applied lashes, and eyebrows make it an epitome of perfection when it comes to reborn dolls. However, make sure that you treat eyebrows gently as they have been hand-drawn by the artist.

This high-quality doll can be used as a prop for trainings conducted to train new mothers on baby care or can be gifted as a Christmas present to little girls. The doll comes with,


  • Baby bottle
  • Clothing
  • Birthday gift
  • Pacifier

This adorable boy doll features a playful design to enchant you all. The ice-blue eyes are a charming addition to his perfectly curated face with hand-crafted mohair hair parting across his tiny forehead. You can conveniently wash his hair and experiment with different styles for a more customized look. The head, arms, and legs are made using soft silicone vinyl with a 15% and 85% ratio of silicon and vinyl respectively. The soft cotton cloth body makes the doll feel like a real baby. With a size ranging between 15-17 inches, this ENA realistic Baby Doll weighs approximately 2 pounds. It has crafted curved legs so that it can be easily carried like a baby.

 One not-so plus side of this doll is that his mouth is only partially open, making it difficult to accommodate the pacifier.


  • Clothing
  • A pacifier
  • A soft blanket
  • Baby bottle
  • Carpet

Put a smile on your little one’s face with this loving lifelike baby doll. The realistic facial details paired with bright brown eyes made with high-quality acyclic, classify this doll as an adorable pick for your doll collection. From tiny fingers to twinkling tows, the doll looks real due to design and weight. Designed with a pastel wardrobe, the doll competes to give a resemblance like none. Cleansing is easy due to soft vinyl skin using a damp cloth, making it a suitable pick for young kids who are a little harsh in handling toys. You can wash hair using hair liquid and gently combed for a neater look.


  • A magnetic teddy bear pacifier
  • Baby bottle
  • Clothing

This lifelike doll in pink stretched over to approximately 16 inches in size from head to toe. With its head, arms and legs made with silicon vinyl and the body stuffed with PP cotton, the doll, however, is not waterproof. The hand-drown eyebrows and high-grade acrylic eyes lend this baby doll a true resemblance to the human baby. And the multi-layer functioning makes the skin unique to the touch. To further enhance the resemblance, it has carefully designed head to match the size of a real baby’s head. The mohair rooted hair can be easily washed and combed just like natural baby hair, giving you a perfectly soft feel. Moreover, the open nostril design facilitates the respiration process, allowing the doll to breathe.


  • Soft carpet
  • Pacifier
  • Clothes
  • Baby bottle
  • Beanie

The Kaydora Lifelike Baby Doll is 16 inches in size with a body made out of soft cotton. It has realistic wig designed for her hair so that it feels like a real baby. The moveable arms and legs make it easy to play with. It has attached pacifier with magnetic coins so that it stays in place. The cute ruffled headband that features a lace bow makes the doll look as adorable as a flower girl at a wedding. The charming smile also features two dainty teeth, multiplying her cute outlook even more.


  • A magnetic pacifier
  • Birth certificate
  • Clothing

The Penson & Co. Small Reborn Doll is designed for kids aged 2 years and above. This 10-inch doll may seem tiny in size but her weight is designed to give her hyper-realistic feel, just like a newborn. The baby doll is sculpted to portray an innocent sleeping expression with a smile that features a cute dimple. Made with easy-to-clean silicone vinyl, the doll is durable. She can easily be taken for a shower if stained, making it a kids’ favorite. She has flexible arms and legs; however, her eyes are fixed, and cannot be opened. This reborn doll comes with a drawback. During cold weather conditions, the doll may not feel as soft as it is made with soft vinyl. The additional accessory only included a pair of clothes.

These twin reborn dolls measure approximately 10 inches. They both have a soft vinyl body for a natural look and feel. The arms and legs can be moved up and down easily, allowing the twins to sit, lay down, or even stand with support. However, the dolls cannot be bent. The artists have crafted the head carefully to match the size of a real baby’s head. However, the twins don’t have hair rather there are slight hints of hand-painted hair to feature a newborn’s head. Both dolls have open nostrils for breathing and luscious eyelashes that must be handled with care. The drawback to these dolls is that their eyes are closed permanently which means that the twins are always in the sleeping mode.

The twin reborn doll set also includes a pair of outfit for each twin.

Doll artists are introducing new techniques and advanced processes every day to master the process of reborning. As much as their craftsmanship pulls off alarmingly realistic reborn dolls, you are still in the process of figuring out what is the hype about? Here are some basic frequently asked questions about reborn dolls that we have answered to ease down your confusion.

What exactly are reborn dolls?

Reborn dolls are transformed dolls that are designed to resemble real infants. All this is done by expert artists who make sure that no intricate detail is missed during the reborning process.  These dolls come in a range of different shapes, sizes, and designs making it easy for you to pick the one that best suits you. These dolls are mostly bought by toddlers, doll enthusiasts who have been collecting dolls consistently over the years, and women who have lost their child and are undergoing therapy sessions.

Where can I buy a reborn doll?

Reborn dolls are readily available on multiple online stores. You can easily purchase them online or if you have any outlet in your area, then you can surely find one their as well. These dolls are often displayed at conventions, state fairs, and carnivals as well. However, it is strongly recommended that before you proceed with buying a reborn doll, you conduct thorough research and a survey to help you decide which one to buy. Because these dolls can go up to thousands of dollars, and it is better to make an informed decision.

How can I take care of a reborn doll?

If you are planning to buy the best reborn baby dolls under $50 then you will have to be very consistent with its care routine. These dolls are sensitive and any extreme weather changes tend to affect them. Heat and cold causes discoloration, turning the skin tone entirely pale. If you exert an increased amount of pressure, then the joints may break. Moreover, avoid spilling off any fluid when feeding the doll. Stains from food spillage cannot be washed away completely, causing fungal growth, furthering damaging the doll.

Are reborn dolls worth the buy?

Collecting reborn baby dolls is often observed as a hobby. However, for those who take this hobby seriously know how prized the purchase is. If you are of the view that reborn dolls are just like other toys then its better you direct your budget towards buying something that you are more sensitive towards. Buying a reborn doll only to treat like one of the dolls lying in your store will only increase the possibility of you damaging it in a few days.

Adopting a reborn doll comes with a lot of reconsiderations and a long thought process. And once you have decided to get one, find yourself welcomed amongst the reborn baby doll community. The rule of thumb for this hobby is to accept your reborn doll like an actual baby. All the dolls on our list are manufactured with high-quality raw materials with the expertise of experienced artists. But prepare well before the purchase so that you’re all set to treat yourself with the most suited doll or hunt down one for a loved one. Find yourself the most suitable bargain and get the best reborn baby dolls under $50.

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